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Dedicated feed for
release notes

We have created software so that you can easily share your release notes with your users in timeline format.

You can use the changelog page in the conventional way or you can leave it private if you are working on an internal or secret product.

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  • Collect feedbacks from customers and/or teammates
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Engage your users with our eye-catching widget inside your website, let them know the latest news and updates from your product.

Our eye-catching widget are customizable and very easy to install. With only one line of code it will already be working inside your website or product.

  • Increase engagement and retention
  • Beautiful In-App Widget to integrate into your product
  • Encourages your users to discover what's new in your product through a simple changelog widget
  • Keep things private between you and your customers
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Tech Lead at BoaConsulta

"Since we started using Changelogfy, we have increased the engagement and retention of our users."


CEO at Power Data Hub

"Now we understand what our user really needs. That helps us to drive our product and development team in the right direction."


Head of Product At Forminia

"Our customers are happy to know that we are constantly updating the product. This has helped us improve customer success."

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