Manage your email templates easily

Improvement 3 weeks ago Mor Mester, Head of Marketing

When you enter the drag&drop email editor, you can save your designed emails as templates so that you can reuse it later for your next campaigns.

But as time flies you will have more and more templates you don't want to use anymore.

From now on, you can delete your email templates.

Here's how to access this feature:

  1. Click the NEW CAMPAIGN button in the campaigns menu or create a new email in an automation
  2. In the template chooser click the MY TEMPLATES section to open it
  3. If you have saved email templates, you will see a list there
  4. Next to each template you can click the trash icon to get rid of your template.

IMPORTANT: if you delete a template, it's gone gone for good. It's irreversible.

Introducing New Pricing: simple but fits better

Improvement 3 months ago Mor Mester, Head of Marketing

We discussed it with our customers and decided to switch to a new pricing model. Here are the benefits:

  • More dense tiers: During conversations with our customers we found that the difference between our contact tiers was too big. So we made them smaller. Find a tier that fits your budget perfectly! (Exact figures below.)
  • One package rules them all: We got rid of Starter and Pro packages, so now there’s just one package. This lets all Automizy customers use every feature on the platform. Also, it makes our pricing simpler, so we can all avoid confusion.

Current customers can stay in their plan if they’d like to or until their contact database exceeds the amount in their current plan.

Here are the new contact tiers:

  • 1000 contacts: $29
  • 3000 contacts: $49
  • 5000 contacts: $69
  • 8000 contacts: $99
  • 10000 contacts: $119
  • 15000 contacts: $149
  • 20000 contacts: $179
  • 25000 contacts: $209
  • 30000 contacts: $239
  • 35000 contacts: $269
  • 40000 contacts: $299
  • 45000 contacts: $329
  • 50000 contacts: $359

What do you think about it?

Build amazing signup forms

Improvement 3 months ago Viktor Egri, Co-founder, Head of Product

From now on you can build amazing signup forms with images, automated UTM parameter tracking, and cool, trendy design options. Also, you can track your conversion rate on an easy-to-understand analytics page.

What's new?

As many Automizy marketers requested we completely redesigned how sign up form designing works. Here are the main differences:

  • You can share your form as a standalone website using an URL we generate (so sharing on social media becomes very easy)
  • The design options for your signup forms are modern and it follows the latest trends - it'll look super cool on your website
  • You can add header images to your form
  • You can setup hidden fields easily that automatically searches your website's links for UTM parameters and copies it to the correspondent hidden field when a website visitor signs up on the form
  • You can copy&paste the HTML code of the signup form but you can also insert it using our script which has many benefits:
  • if you make changes to your signup form in Automizy it will happen in real-time on your website
  • Your CMS (Wordpress, Wix or other engines) won't ruin the look of your signup form's design

Let's check it out!

Website Tracking: Track your contacts online behavior

New Feature 4 months ago Viktor Egri, Co-founder, Head of Product

There are so many things you don't know about your contacts: Has he visited your pricing page? Has he visited your checkout page (so he finished the payment)? Has he visited one of your blog category?

From now on you can track all of this using Website Tracking and automate email communication based on it.

What is website tracking?

Website Tracking is a powerful Automizy feature that connects your marketing processes with your website activity.

It allows you to create Campaigns and Automations based on the behavior of your website visitors. So you can craft emails that are more timely, targeted and personalized, which are proven to provide a better experience and increase conversions.

Google Analytics or similar software give you data about your website activity and performance. It’s anonymous and aggregated data which lets you identify trends and issues on your website.

Website Tracking gives you insight into what your contacts are doing on your website. Based on that, you can automatically create personalized experiences and send personalized messages to each of your contacts.

What can I use Website Tracking for?

Website Tracking inside Automizy lets you create Automations that automatically adapt as your contacts interact with your website:

  • Trigger Automations
  • Send an offer or a coupon code 1 hour later to a contact who visited a specific product page
  • Trigger an Automation only if a contact visited a certain page

  • Tag Contacts
  • Tag contacts who visited a specific product category multiple times and send a follow-up sequence
  • Automatically segment contacts in Automations 
  • Send different messages to contacts who visited a specific page on your site

  • Move contacts to a different Automation if they viewed 3 or more important pages of your site

  • Personalized the content of Campaigns based on what pages your contacts have visited frequently

How to set it up?

  1. Click the Settings menu
  2. Click Website Tracking
  3. Give us your website
  4. Copy and paste the generated script to every page on your website (Wordpress usually requires you to insert it into only 1 place, where you usually insert the Google Analytics script or Facebook pixel)
  5. Validate your website so that you can make sure everything works fine
  6. If it's connected, build your first automation using Website Tracking :)

What do you think about it?

Bugfixes in May, 2019

Fix 5 months ago Viktor Egri, Co-founder, Head of Product

We released 15 minor, 5 Major, and 2 critical bugfixes this month.

Most important bugfixes were these:

  • Unbounce webhook didn't work properly
  • Filtering based on time wasn't precise enough
  • Statistical significance didn't appear on AB testing analytics page
  • Ab test emails in automation couldn't be edited after publish
  • Email analytics didn't appear in email automation
  • Empty rows were shown as errors in import
  • Engagement data on profile page didn't work properly

We do our best to continuously get rid of bugs. Please report every problem you face in our in-app chat window in the right-bottom corner.