Count-down timers for drag&drop emails arrived!

Improvement 1 week ago Viktor Egri , Co-founder, Head of Product

If you want to create a sense of urgency for your customers, the best tool is to add a count-down timer to your emails.

If you build a drag&drop email, just use the Timer widget. With it you will be able to use Sendtrick, a free count-down timer and add it to your emails.

Read more about it here.

New Automation blueprint: Double Opt-in

Improvement 2 weeks ago Viktor Egri , Co-founder, Head of Product

Make your subscribers confirm their email address after they opted in.

  1. Connect your automation to the list you want to send double opt-in to
  2. Edit the button in the email and put the URL of your confirmation page in the “Link to website” field.
  3. Go to your All Contacts and filter for the contacts who don’t have the “verified-email” tag and bulk delete them.

For more detail about the process read this article.

Note: It’s not mandatory to set up a double opt-in.

Trigger automation when someone opens your email

New Feature 2 weeks ago Viktor Egri , Co-founder, Head of Product

Sending emails based on your subscribers' behavior is important in order to provide exciting emailing experience to your contacts and keep them engaged.

So from now on you can trigger automation when someone opens an email!

Here's what you can do:

  • Trigger the automation if someone opens your email
  • Filter out people if they clicked a link in your email (so to send follow ups to only people who didn't click any link in it) using link click condition

Read about it more here.


New integration with Retargetkit: grow your contact list from social media!

New Feature 3 weeks ago Viktor Egri , Co-founder, Head of Product

Automizy customers can easily integrate with Retargetkit. You can use the integration to sync your generated leads from social media and start engaging them with email campaigns and automations.

This new integration helps you smoothly connect your lead generation efforts to your email marketing. You can read the setup guide here.

Cart2WP integration: Sync your ThriveCart customers with Automizy

New Feature 3 weeks ago Viktor Egri , Co-founder, Head of Product

Cart2WP helps you use ThriveCart as your payment system and sync your customers with Automizy so you can provide amazing emailing experience and sell even more to them.

On top of that, you can also connect to other services with Cart2WP in the WordPress eco-system.

If you want to learn how to connect Cart2WP with Automizy, read the documentation here.