10 New Subscriber Form Templates

New Feature 1 month ago Viktor Egri , Co-founder, Head of Product

We know that sometimes it’s really difficult to find time to design and build a subscriber form that stands out and grab visitors’ attention to grow your email list.

That’s why we brought you 10 brand-new contact form templates that are ready use.

The 10 templates are fully customizable to match your website design and brand.

Doesn’t matter whether you try to acquire webinar attendees, promote a lead magnet, offer discounts, join newsletter  – just to mention a few –, they all will definitely draw attention to your contact forms!

Find your Lists, Campaigns, Automations and Forms much faster 🍳

Improvement 1 month ago Viktor Egri , Co-founder, Head of Product

From now on, you can search for your Lists, Campaigns, Automations and Forms much faster.

For example click the Campaigns menu and in the right top corner you will see a new search bar. Type in the name or subject line of the campaign you're looking for. It automatically shows you the search result.

Bugfixes in November, 2019

Fix 1 month ago Viktor Egri , Co-founder, Head of Product

We released 43 minor, 26 Major, and 17 critical bugfixes this month.

Most important bugfixes were these:

  • Autodetect didn't recognize forms
  • In preview emaisl links are clickable
  • Image upload in drag&drop email editor didn't work on-click
  • Importing CSV is slow
  • Subject Line Generator didn't answer
  • Test emails didn't go out
  • Icons were failed to load
  • AVG open rate calculation was misleading
  • Background in AB test is not high enough
  • On the Reports page of forms the % is missing
  • The length of subject lines ruins other elements on the reports page

We do our best to continuously get rid of bugs. Please report every problem you face in our in-app chat window in the right-bottom corner.

Shopify Integration is live!

New Feature 1 month ago Viktor Egri , Co-founder, Head of Product

Our goal is to make email marketing easy and quick to save your time while helping you scale your revenue.

For that, we're glad that we've launched our Shopify integration to help support Shopify store owners on their entrepreneurial journey.

With Shopify integration you can:

  • Automate cart abandonment emails
  • Re-engage inactive leads
  • Send product announcement emails
  • Track the behavior of your customers, etc.

Our Shopify integration focus on helping Shopify users build a lasting relationship with their customers and scaling their revenue without needing any technical marketing expertise.

You can access it if you click the Integration menu in the left slider bar. If you need any help with it, please ping us via the in-app chat!

Informative Campaign Analytics

Improvement 2 months ago Viktor Egri , Co-founder, Head of Product

We’ve updated our campaign analytics, to make it more:

  • Insightful
  • Understandable
  • And simple 

We collected your most important email KPIs in one dashboard to make it easier for you to understand your performance. And in a way have informative data that tell you which was good and which not so you can make data-based decisions to optimize and improve your upcoming email campaigns.

You’ll have more insightful experience with:

  1. Separate resend analytics for each email resend
  2. AB test analytics
  3. A clean dashboard that requires zero experience with data