Build amazing signup forms

Improvement 7 months ago Viktor Egri , Co-founder, Head of Product

From now on you can build amazing signup forms with images, automated UTM parameter tracking, and cool, trendy design options. Also, you can track your conversion rate on an easy-to-understand analytics page.

What's new?

As many Automizy marketers requested we completely redesigned how sign up form designing works. Here are the main differences:

  • You can share your form as a standalone website using an URL we generate (so sharing on social media becomes very easy)
  • The design options for your signup forms are modern and it follows the latest trends - it'll look super cool on your website
  • You can add header images to your form
  • You can setup hidden fields easily that automatically searches your website's links for UTM parameters and copies it to the correspondent hidden field when a website visitor signs up on the form
  • You can copy&paste the HTML code of the signup form but you can also insert it using our script which has many benefits:
  • if you make changes to your signup form in Automizy it will happen in real-time on your website
  • Your CMS (Wordpress, Wix or other engines) won't ruin the look of your signup form's design

Let's check it out!