Introducing Life-cycle Automation

New Feature 9 months ago Viktor Egri , Co-founder, Head of Product

Up until now you could pull in your contacts to an automation only once. But we now that there are cases when you want to trigger an automation for your contacts multiple times!

Therefore we are announcing Life-cycle automation.

What are the typical use-cases?

There are tons of examples where life-cycle automation comes in handy but here are 2 cases when it's especially helpful:

  1. Your contact gets a tag, receives an email from you, then a couple of weeks later he gets the same tag again (because he clicks a specific link in your email - don't forget about the Link Tagging feature!). In this case he will enter the same automation multiple times.
  2. Your contact joins a list, then goes to another list but later on joins the original list again. It happens when you use multiple lists for tracking the different life-cycle stages of your contacts, e.g. prospects, sales ready leads and customers. Let's say you couldn't close the deal therefore you add your contact back to the prospects list. It means you want to send the same nurturing process over again. It means that your contact enters your automation again.

How to set it up?

Just create or view an automation and below the name of it you will see a completely new option: "Automation runs".

If you click on the "Once" button you will see an option to set it to "Multiple times". If you choose this option, your contacts will be able to enter this automation every time they satisfy the trigger criteria (joins a list, subscribes on a form, gets a tag).

But behold! Turn it to "Multiple Times" only if you think it is important for your contacts to enter this automation anytime. Avoid accidental spamming!

How do you like it? :)