Subject Line Tester – Radically Improve Your Open Rate!

New Feature 1 year ago Viktor Egri , Co-founder, Head of Product

We proudly announce that we released the world’s first Subject Line Tester that helps you write the best possible subject lines ever!

Your subject line makes people read your emails – if they don’t open your emails you wasted a lot of effort writing and designing your awesome content.

Not only it helps you improve your open rate way before you even send your campaigns… but it is capable of learning and provide you better results day-by-day!

Unlike other tools that give questionable scores based on best practices or 1-2 old researches, the Subject Line Tester continuously improves itself, learns from Automizy users’ campaigns and gives you the best possible scores based on the most recent findings.

Introducing the first ever Subject Line Tester on the market that is run by an AI (called Mizy). Read more about how it works here.

How does Mizy calculate the Score?

The score is Automizy’s proprietary calculation which shows how good your subject lines are compared to other subject lines used by other users.

It means that Mizy (the AI) retrains her neurons based on data such as most recently sent campaigns’ subject lines and the performance of these campaigns and automated emails (open and click rate).

As you might know, a lot of factors affect your open rate, such as:

  • Sending time&frequency (your subscribers will more likely to skip an email if it doesn’t arrive on time or if they get too many emails they might mark it as spam or unsubscribe)
  • The engagement level of your subscribers (more engaged subscribers will more likely to open your emails)
  • Your brand recognition (how well-known and recognized the sender email and name among your subscribers)
  • Your industry (different industries have different average open rate)
  • Your preview text (the text after the subject line)
  • Your Subject Line (subject lines that resonates better with your target audience will have higher open rate)

There might still be other factors that affect your open rate (e.g. list size, or personalization, etc.).

Your subject line has a very big effect on your open rate without a doubt: according to Consumerpulse a good subject line is key to increase open rates.

Therefore, best practices, old researches, “marketing professionals” try to teach you how to write good ones and tell you that subject lines are better, if:

…and who knows what else… google it, you will be shocked how many hints there are. Nice tips, sounds useful. But to be honest: it is not! Why? Because there is no proof what they say is relevant to your actual situation.

You need a personal advisor who doesn’t tell you general or even bad advices. It has to give you feedback on how good your subject line is based on real, recent and valid data.

Mizy, the AI scans Automizy users’ campaigns and checks how well it perform. The deep learning approach is very good to process a lot of badly structured data. It understands what are the key factors that truly influence your open rate.

Based on her findings he calculates a relative number. It shows how good your actual subject line is compared to others’ subject lines.

Try to improve your score by doing tweaks to your subject line. This way the chance of getting more opens for your campaigns will be much higher – which eventually causes higher conversion rate and more sales.

How to test your subject lines?

When you create an email for a campaign or an automation you will certainly meet this brand new feature.

  1. On the SET UP EMAIL step you will see a strength signal below your subject line input field. It represents how well you subject line would perform according to Mizy.
  3. You will see a popup showing the score of your actual subject line. Now click the “TEST A NEW ONE” button
  4. Write your new subject line and click “TEST SUBJECT”
  5. Next, you can try new subject lines until you reach higher score. When you’re satisfied with it, just click the “CHOOSE” button. You can build and send your email!