Website Tracking: Track your contacts online behavior

New Feature 7 months ago Viktor Egri , Co-founder, Head of Product

There are so many things you don't know about your contacts: Has he visited your pricing page? Has he visited your checkout page (so he finished the payment)? Has he visited one of your blog category?

From now on you can track all of this using Website Tracking and automate email communication based on it.

What is website tracking?

Website Tracking is a powerful Automizy feature that connects your marketing processes with your website activity.

It allows you to create Campaigns and Automations based on the behavior of your website visitors. So you can craft emails that are more timely, targeted and personalized, which are proven to provide a better experience and increase conversions.

Google Analytics or similar software give you data about your website activity and performance. It’s anonymous and aggregated data which lets you identify trends and issues on your website.

Website Tracking gives you insight into what your contacts are doing on your website. Based on that, you can automatically create personalized experiences and send personalized messages to each of your contacts.

What can I use Website Tracking for?

Website Tracking inside Automizy lets you create Automations that automatically adapt as your contacts interact with your website:

  • Trigger Automations
  • Send an offer or a coupon code 1 hour later to a contact who visited a specific product page
  • Trigger an Automation only if a contact visited a certain page

  • Tag Contacts
  • Tag contacts who visited a specific product category multiple times and send a follow-up sequence
  • Automatically segment contacts in Automations 
  • Send different messages to contacts who visited a specific page on your site

  • Move contacts to a different Automation if they viewed 3 or more important pages of your site

  • Personalized the content of Campaigns based on what pages your contacts have visited frequently

How to set it up?

  1. Click the Settings menu
  2. Click Website Tracking
  3. Give us your website
  4. Copy and paste the generated script to every page on your website (Wordpress usually requires you to insert it into only 1 place, where you usually insert the Google Analytics script or Facebook pixel)
  5. Validate your website so that you can make sure everything works fine
  6. If it's connected, build your first automation using Website Tracking :)

What do you think about it?