Toggle Sub-Groups at Navigation Menu

New 1 week ago

You can show or hide sub-groups at navigation menu.

Searching Chat

New 2 weeks ago

Searching Chat

You can search keywords in your chat threads.

4 New Features Added 🎉

New 3 weeks ago

Change Group Order

You can change group order in Cubicl. You can change main group, order groups and you can move a group below another group.

Filter Users on Time Chart

You can filter users in time chart. This allows you to see time chart of selected user.

Additional Client Details

You can add new details to for your clients.

Upload Files to Support Page

Your clients can upload files when creating support requests.

Mobile App Updates

Some problems faced on iOS and Android devices are fixed in the new version of our mobile apps. You can download them from App Store and Google Play.

Create Clients in Task Form, Preview PDF Files

Improvement 1 month ago

Create Clients in Task Form

You can create a new client in the task form. This will allow you to create tasks with clients without navigating to Clients page.

Preview PDF Files

You can preview PDF files in Files and Task Details pages and in chat windows without downloading them.

Drag-and-Drop Your Files

Improvement 1 month ago

You can drag and drop files on your computer to Cubicl.