Live Update Feature in Client Portal

New 1 month ago

Your clients can now see changes live.

Live update feature has been added to Client Portal application. With this feature, all the changes you make while your clients are online in the portal application are updated live on the relevant pages of the portal application. Thus, when a client's support request is answered, when a post is created in the task, when a task or a file is shared with the client, the relevant pages are updated instantly and your clients are informed about these changes.

Share Files with Your Clients

New 2 months ago

You can now share the files and directories you added to the client page on Client Portal.

Go to the Clients page and click the client you want to share files with. Click the Files tab that appears on the client page.You can share the files and directories that you previously uploaded by pressing the "Share with client" button as shown below. Your client will receive a notification email regarding file sharing. Your clients can access the files by visiting the portal.

When you share, a symbol is shown next to the file indicating that it was shared. The cloud icon is displayed next to the files your clients uploaded from the portal and shared with you.

Your clients can also create directories and share files with you via the Client Portal. Your client can upload files in the Files page. You will be notified when your clients upload files. (Only Cubicl account managers receive notifications.)

Upload Files to Your Clients

New 2 months ago

You can now upload files to your clients via the web application. In this way, you can add files related to your clients to the client page and create a directory.

To do this, go to the Clients page and go to the client you want to upload files to. Navigate to the Files tab that appears on the client page. Click the Upload file button and select the file you want to upload from your computer.

Share Tasks with Your Client

New 2 months ago

You can now share tasks with your clients and communicate with them via the portal application. This way, your clients can follow the process of the work, contact you when necessary, create a post on the tasks and upload files to the tasks.

To do this, add your client to the task when creating the task or afterwards. After that, click "Share with client" from the settings button on the task you created.

We added two new pages called Activities and Tasks to the portal. The portal user can see the notifications that interest her/him through the Activities page and the tasks shared with her/him through the Tasks page.

The Tasks and Activities pages in Client Portal and the task sharing feature in Cubicl are available in the Professional and Enterprise plans. These pages are not available in the portals of our users in the Starter plan.

Add Files To Task Activities And Other Updates

New 2 months ago

Add Files To Task Activities

You can add files to task activities.

Add Files To Support Requests

Clients now can add files to support requests when replying or you can add files to tasks when replying to clients.

Mobile Application is Updated


- Can attach files to task posts


- Touchable areas for chat and notification icons are enlarged

- Google Drive files attached to tasks can be opened

- Task start date is shown in task details


- Exiting from Android app by pressing back button crashes the app

- "Mentioned in task" notifications does not navigate to task page

- Special characters (<, >, &) are not shown correctly in notification texts

- Replies to support requests cannot be made visible to clients

- Information texts in Personal Tasks page are not shown

- Sending chat message on Android 5 crashes the app