Respond to Reviews From the Customer Alliance Dashboard

New 6 months ago

Customer Alliance customers are now able to respond to all of their reviews on directly from their dashboard!

How can I respond to reviews?

  • Once the connection with has been successfully established, simply navigate to your Review Stream.
  • As long as Customer Alliance is already monitoring your reviews, you will see any recent reviews here. Alternatively, you can filter at the top of the page to just display reviews.
  • When you have found a review which you wish to respond to, simply click on the Comment button and type your response.
  • When finished, click on Publish.

Review Stream - Display Name

Improvement 6 months ago

You can get now more informations regarding the guest while looking at your Review Stream.

In order to enhance your knowledge about the guest and therefore improve the communication when commenting on the reviews, we are now showing the name, including the salutation and the public display name.

Semantic Analysis available in additional languages

Improvement 6 months ago

Because hotel guests are coming from all over the world and express their feedback in their respective languages, we now support the Semantic Analysis in the following languages:

  • Swedish
  • Romanian
  • Dutch
  • Turkish
  • Norwegian
  • Polish

This will help you to better filter guest feedback by language, hence a more accurate overview of your online reputation.

As a reminder, the Semantic Analysis enables you to identify recurrent words within the reviews you receive in order to give you a better idea of positive and negative mentions.

Navigate to the Semantic Analysis section in your Dashboard and find out this new add-on when you click on Filter.

Sub-Account Clustering in Brand Dashboard

New 8 months ago

When working for a chain or franchise business model, it's frequent to segment out your locations by region or clusters.

In order to help support this structure, we now support clustering of accounts within Brand Dashboards.

This will help to navigate between regions according to your individual business needs.

Simply toggle between the Clustered View and Non-Clustered View as highlighted in red below.

Note: this feature is not available to all customers. Please contact your Customer Care representative if you would like to request this functionality.

New Branding Option for Questionnaires

Improvement 8 months ago

There is a new option available for the display of your company logo within your Questionnaire.

Simply navigate to Settings > Questionnaire > Select the relevant Questionnaire > Settings, and you will be able select the new option

Once you have selected the option, the new layout will be utilised immediately.