Version 0.15 is out!

New 1 week ago Hadar Rottenberg


  • Feed animations
  • Icons animations
  • Send code again animation


  • Network errors and "unable to load wallet" should recover automatically

Version 0.14 is out!

New 3 weeks ago Hadar Rottenberg


  • Added some animations
  • New payment confirmation screen
  • New wallet icon to distinguish from website
  • Added more setting options

Bug Fixes:

  • Recurring popup to add app to home screen

Version 0.13.0 is out!

New 1 month ago Hadar Rottenberg


  • Profile image should now display correctly in feed items
  • Payment links were not cancelable and there was no way to re-send the link.
  • User registration should continue normally if user stopped in the middle and restarted.
  • Multiple feed fixes
  • QR will work on iphone when adding app to homescreen (if you already added it, you'll need to remove it and add again)


  • Adding to iPhone homescreen will now open app in Safari and not full screen mode. It doesn't looks as nice but QR will now work on iPhone


  • feed render time

Version v0.12.0 is out!

New 2 months ago Hadar Rottenberg

New Features:

  • Hanuka Miracle Bonus for eToro users - Get extra UBI for every lit candle that day!


  • Fixed wrong status color for feed received payment card
  • Fixed issue where user could press confirm multiple times and accidentally sending the transaction multiple times
  • Fixed issue clicking on an item link in GoodMarket not leading directly to item page


  • Faster response when canceling transaction in feed
  • Market and Rewards tabs load faster without visible reloads

Version v0.11.0 is out!

New 2 months ago Hadar Rottenberg

New economic dashboard is available, where you can see different statistics collected from the blockchain, check it out at:


  • Some of you did not get your bonuses, that should be fixed once you upgrade. #1061
  • Fixed flicker while scrolling feed #1039
  • Major bug fixed in our p2p database, some of you might experienced disappearing or duplicate feed cards.


  • Continuing making it pixel perfect.