Notifications added!

New 11 months ago

  1. Now you and your operators can see notifications from users about new messages, when a bot training is finished, etc.
  2. Fixed few bugs in Live Chat.
  3. Fixed errors with arrows in Dialog Builder.
  4. Updated Web widget and Landing Bot UI. Added a default background when an image downloading.
  5. Zapier Integration improved. Added an all bot's values for test request.
  6. WhatsApp integration. Added the new servers for WA and created the new architecture.

Redeveloped Live Chat

Fix 1 year ago

1. We completely redevelop Live Chat feature. The UI has not changed, but the entire code has changed.

2. We have connected Speech Kits for voice channels and audio messages (in closed testing yet).

3. Fixed a large number of system errors.

4. We have increased the number of servers for WhatsApp two times.

Shortcodes and many improvements

New 1 year ago

1. We added Shortcodes 1.0, hooray! You can learn more about how to use them from our short article in the knowledge base.

2. Strongly improved the widget and the speed of processing messages.

3. Fixed critical Live Chat errors.

4. Fixed some more mistakes of White Label.

5. Many minor improvements.

Platform stabilization

Fix 1 year ago
  • Fixed Form blocks errors.
  • A series of White Label fixes.
  • Update domain connection method for White Label.
  • Correction of the tag selection method in the text.
  • Fixed a large number of errors in different functions of the platform.
  • Added function to remove and rename modules.
  • Improved server operation for WhatsApp connections.
  • Improved the Dialogue Builder feature.

Buttons, White Label, and more!

New 1 year ago
  1. New button types for Answer and Form blocks, directly.
  2. White Label available for all agencies accounts.
  3. Flexible customization of Welcome and Unexpected messages.
  4. Variable answers to an unrecognized question.
  5. Improvements in the widget.
  6. Many minor improvements.