👌 1.1.4

Improvement 1 day ago

Feature improvements :

  • Improve backlinks monitor processing speed
  • Anchor charts is now horizontal bar chart instead of doughnut chart for better visualization
  • Renamed "ok/ko" status to "yes/no" status (Backlinks table)

Bug fixes :

  • Fixing site stats when some backlinks were not analyzed yet
  • Fixing Google Mobile parsing

💪 1.1.3

New 6 days ago

New features :

  • Scheduled reports builder : you can now create PDF or mail report that can be either downloaded or scheduled for sending with a powerful editor. More components to display dynamic data from your account will be added progressively.

🔨 1.1.2

Fix 2 weeks ago

Bug fixes :

  • Fixing "SEOwl Google integration" documentation page title
  • Fixing background color of keyword rank notification when keyword was not in top 100
  • Fixing unwanted backlinks filtering by increasing filters default values
  • Fixing crash when incorrect Google Analytics ViewId was entered. Ensure correct input validation.
  • Fixing keywords export to clipboard button

👌 1.1.1

Improvement 2 weeks ago

Feature improvements :

  • Show keyword volume
  • Show organic visits graphic of the last 30 days on site dashbaord & shared view when Google Analytics integration is enabled

Bug fixes :

  • Fixing a bug where a website was wrongly positioned in SERP

💪 1.1.0

New 3 weeks ago

New features :

  • Rank Tracker (available only with our new plans, see updated pricing).