Zoom phone numbers and spam detection improvements

Improvement 5 days ago Paul Mendoza , Founder/Developer

Zoom Phone Numbers

We've improved the detection of Zoom meeting invites within SigParser. We're much better at detecting Zoom phone numbers and preventing them from being assigned to contacts in the future.

Spam Detection

We've added some new common email domain patterns as non-human senders for some of the Google Calendar/resource domains. This should improve the percentage of real contacts appearing in your list of contacts vs non-human looking ones.

Pipedrive Mailboxes field and Office 365 History Fix

Improvement 5 days ago Paul Mendoza , Founder/Developer

In Pipedrive SigParser will fill in the custom field called SigParser Mailboxes when it exists. You can read the documentation here.

Office 365 we've improved how SigParser fetches the initial history. For a select few email accounts SigParser couldn't get more than 5000 historical emails. With this change SigParser can go further back in time for some mailboxes.

2 Factor Authentication For All Username and Password Users

New 1 week ago Paul Mendoza , Founder/Developer

With this release we've introduced a mandatory 2 factor authentication system for users signing in with a username and password. When you login you'll be sent a code to your email address. Use this code to authenticate it's really you.

Why did we add this? This added layer of security makes it easy to confirm the identity of the person logging into SigParser. For example, even if someone were to get your password they would still need access to your email account.

Why is this not needed for Google or Office 365? Those providers have their own implementations of 2 factor authentication already so SigParser doesn't need another layer of authentication.

Mailbox server type migrations

Fix 1 week ago Paul Mendoza , Founder/Developer

If you move your email account from one server (ie Google) to another server (ie Office 365) then SigParser is able to support this without special help from the support team.

The one thing to be sure to do though is to disable the connected mailbox for the server type you're not longer using.

Lots of little improvements this week

Improvement 1 week ago Paul Mendoza , Founder/Developer

This is just an update on a bunch of little improvements we've made this week.

  • Office 365: Improved messaging when a mailbox is deleted.
  • Office 365: Improved messaging when a job times out and needs to restart.
  • Office 365: SigParser won't try to add a 3rd business phone number anymore.
  • Any subscription plan can now manage users and team members. Before only some plans had access to this.
  • Improved performance when loading data. For large projects this can results in a 10% improvement in speed.
  • When removing a phone number from a contact the icon properly updates on the contacts grid.
  • Google: Properly captures Trash messages.
  • Fixed a bug when name fixing was enabled that could sometimes cause the name fixing to crash the sync process.