Getting Started Tutorial Videos

We've got some new tutorial videos that we've added to our YouTube channel.


  • PST - Improved PST processing performance and support for uploads larger than 5GB.
  • Team member definitions - Can define team members separately from users. Team members can have multiple email addresses.

Paul Mendoza 5 days ago


Auto create contacts in all CRM connectors

SigParser used to only be able to update contacts in CRM. Now SigParser can automatically create contacts in all of our CRM connectors as well.

  • SalesForce
  • Less Annoying CRM
  • Pipedrive
  • HubSpot

We have great documentation and a video on how to setup the sync operations.

Paul Mendoza 1 week ago


Exchange and Office 365: FileAs and Company fields

For the Exchange and Office 365 connectors we're now filling a couple more fields automatically when updated and creating new contacts.

  • Company - We're filling this with whatever value SigParser has discovered. This value is currently derived from the email domain and we use a local database to find some companies but not all companies have a good name defined.
  • FileAs - This is a special field in Exchange which is basically the name formatted. We will fill this with the first and last name like "First Last". If this field isn't filled when you go to edit the contact some Outlook clients would complain this field wasn't filled.

Paul Mendoza 1 week ago


Better German phone number labeling

We've improved our German phone number labeling with more accurate labels. This includes words like "Handy" and "Mobil" as cell phone indicators. We also have more label indentifiers for work/office phone numbers.

Paul Mendoza 1 week ago


Auto create contacts in Pipedrive and HubSpot. Define internal contacts with rules

Auto Create Contacts

SigParser used to only be able to update contacts that already existed in Pipedrive and HubSpot. Now you can configure SigParser to push contacts to these two CRM systems automatically. You can configure a set of rules to control which contacts get pushed to your CRM systems. We have created detailed documentation here on how to configure which contacts get pushed.

We'll be adding support for Less Annoying CRM and SalesForce in the next couple weeks as well.

Internal Contact Rules

You can setup rules to define which contacts are treated as internal contacts based on email addresses. Internal contacts are contacts inside your organization or that should be treated as more protected. Whether a contact is internal or not determines how outbound and inbound emails statistics are calculated and visibility for other team members.

Be sure to configure your internal contact rules before setting up auto creation of contacts. By default SigParser will do a decent job of setting this up for you when you sign up based on the email address you use to signup and the email accounts you connect.

You can configure the internal rules by going to Settings -> Internal Contacts

General Fixes and Changes

  • MailChimp and Constant Contact no longer pull contacts into SigParser. Also, you can't unsubscribe contacts from MailChimp or Constant Contact from directly within SigParser. You need to go into those systems to remove contacts. Also updated the documenation for these providers to reflect the changes.
  • Warning when connecting additional email accounts that you could get charged more money.
  • Email notifying admin of an increase in charges is reworded to be more clear how to handle accidental increases.
  • CRM connections immediately appear on the dashboard after adding the CRM connection instead of waiting for the first processing job to run.
Paul Mendoza 2 weeks ago