Google Service Accounts - One connection, many mailboxes

New 5 days ago Paul Mendoza, Founder/Developer

You can setup a single Google account connection to monitor all the mailboxes in your organization. This makes it easy to quickly connect many email accounts without requiring the owners of those accounts to each individually connect their accounts to SigParser.

This new process does require an IT administrator to set it up but it only takes about 30 minutes to get it going and we have very clear step by step instructions.

If you need any help getting your email account connections setup let us know and we'll be happy to help.

3 more languages (Russian, Portuguese and Dutch) + other improvements

New 3 weeks ago Paul Mendoza, Founder/Developer

New Languages

We've just added support to the SigParser API and the SigParser application for Portuguese, Russian and Dutch email splitting and signature extraction. The only thing we are missing is inline phone number detection for these new languages.

SigParser overall supports 7 languages including Dutch, English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

Other Email Parsing Improvements

  • Improved the number of titles SigParser can discover across all languages.
  • Fixed incorrect email header detection in some scenarios. For example, if a line in an email says "From:" SigParser won't try to split the email unless there are other factors to indicate this is really an email split and not just a part of the email.
  • Better handling of some legacy emails generated by old clients from around 2008.

Ignore Contacts on Large Meetings

When a meeting has more than 20 attendees we don't create contact records for all of those contacts. For example, if you got invited to a party with 100 people those probably aren't valuable contacts in isolation. As a result we don't import those contacts (email addresses) into SigParser. If you have an email later with one of them or a few of them then SigParser will import them at that time.

Google Calendar Syncs More Data

Previously SigParser would sync Google Calendar events for the last six months. Going forward SigParser will sync events based on the max history date for the mailbox. This is the same date used for pulling emails. This means if you purchase 2 years of history, SigParser will examine 2 years of the calendar events.

German and Spanish inline, More inline phone numbers, Column configuration saving...

Improvement 1 month ago Paul Mendoza, Founder/Developer

We've got a few updates released over the last few days.

"+ Contacts" page

  • When configuring column visibility the configuration of order and visibility will persist across page refreshes. Before it wouldn't and it was a real pain for users when pushing contacts to have to reconfigure the columns all the time.
  • Horizontal scrollbar fits onto the page better so less scrolling is needed. Helps when using lots of columns.
  • Removed redundant descriptions under each of the buttons. The tooltips on the buttons should help.

Team Member Activity paging

You can now page thru multiple pages of team members on the Team page. Also added an "Add More" button to make it more clear how to add people to this list. Be aware "Team Members" are different than SigParser users.

German and Spanish inline phone numbers

When someone writes "My number is 444-444-4444" but in German or Spanish, SigParser can now detect this even if it happens outside of the email signature and will correctly attribute it to the contact. If someone writes "John's number is 444-444-4444" SigParser understands this isn't the phone number for the sender.

Canadian phone area code improvements

SigParser now has better support for phone numbers in Canada and resolving them to a region of the country based on the area code prefix.

Google scopes reduced (now only read only access to email and calendar data)

Improvement 1 month ago Paul Mendoza, Founder/Developer

In an effort to always make SigParser more secure, we're constantly evaluating what we can do to improve our security posture. One thing was to change how we asked for access to the Google/Gmail data.

Previously, when a user signed up they'd be asked for SigParser to have permission to update and delete their email. This was understandably scary and SigParser only needed that permission to read email over IMAP.

We wanted to only ask users to read access. So after a lot of work, we now only ask for read access to emails.

Now a user will see a permission screen like the below image which only asks for read access to emails and calendars. This was achieved by switching from using IMAP to using the Gmail API. This was a major project for us but really helps to make users feel more secure when signing up.

Recent bug fixes list and improvements

Fix 1 month ago Paul Mendoza, Founder/Developer

We've made a bunch of updates lately to improve SigParser. They're pretty minor but you might want to know about them just in case.

  • No longer allowed to manually add an email address to a contact that already exists in SigParser.
  • Private contacts won't ever be added to a CRM system or contact manager regardless of who owns the contact or the CRM connection.
  • No longer run jobs on email accounts if all the nested mailboxes are disabled.
  • Team and Accounts pages no longer behind a paywall when in the trial phase.
  • Pipedrive: If a user's subscription isn't valid in Pipedrive the job dies but now shows a better informational message to the user.
  • Performance: Don't run an expensive recalculate statistics job when a new user is added to a team.