Support pour le français (French language support)

New 3 days ago Paul Mendoza, Founder/Developer

We've now got some French support for SigParser.

It can...

  • Split emails based on French language headers
  • Capture some French titles
  • Capture some French phone number labels
  • Reduces the matching errors for French email chains

Work in progress still...

  • Inline phone number detection not supported yet (e.g. my phone number is ...)
  • Signatures - We're building out our French title training set still. Lots more to handle.
  • Signatures - There might be phone labels that are common in French that we haven't seen yet.
  • More French email client header formats need to be discovered

This will all improve a lot over the next couple months still but this should help a lot for those French emails.

This will be applied to any emails parsed from here on out. It doesn't not apply to emails already processed by SigParser.

SigParser API - Cleaned email bodies without signatures, better HTML

New 1 week ago Paul Mendoza, Founder/Developer

Many companies use SigParser to split emails into sections.

Prior to this release you could only get the email body without the signature for the root email in an email chain.

With this release you can get the email body for every email body in the email chain. This is great for forwarded emails.

New Fields

On every email in the "emails" collection you'll find two properties.


HTML section of the email in the reply chain with the signature lines removed. The Head tag may still be present so you can format the email properly.


Plain text section of the email in the reply chain with the signature lines removed. Links are removed. If you need links, you should convert the HTML version to text and figure out how to preserve the links or HTML as needed.

Must read if you want HTML though...

For performance reasons by default cleanBodyHtml will only be returned for the root email.

If you need more emails than that, you need to provide a new options.outputCleanedEmailHtmlDepth parameter for the number of emails you want to search down.

Default is 1.

10 would mean it would return the cleaned HTML for up to 10 nested emails.

If you don't care about this field, set it to 0 for even better performance.

  "subject": "string",
  "from_address": "string",
  "from_name": "string",
  "htmlbody": "string",
  "plainbody": "string",
  "date": "string",
  "options": {
    "outputCleanedEmailHtmlDepth": 1

Each level of emails tends to add between 50ms and 100ms depending on the complexity of the email message.

The cleanBodyPlain fields will be set regardless of this setting for all email messages.

Better HTML

One final thing. With this release the htmlbody field's HTML generation has improved a lot.

You're much more likely to get well formed HTML in this field including the <head> tag which can be important for rendering.

You can read the detailed spec here.

SigParser API: Contact fields - Website, CompanyName, EmailAddressDomain, EmailAddressDomainWithoutTLD

New 1 week ago Paul Mendoza, Founder/Developer

We added a bunch of new fields to make getting at contact data easy from email signatures. These fields are on both the contact collection and also the "from_" fields. You can see the official swagger spec here for the exact names.


The website from the email signature’s text.

This does not include the URLs in the HTML links because those are often link tracked and so they don’t point to the correct domain.

The values in this field often formatted with captialization but there is no formatting guarantee.

For example, you could get “” or “” or “WWW.EXAMPLE.COM” are all possible.

Company Name

Company name found in either the signature or looked up from a database of companies based on the domain name.

Most of the time we get this from the signature in combination with the email address.

Email Address Domain

If you are using something like Zapier or Integromat to get the email addresses for a contact, it can be useful to not have to split the email address to get the domain.

This field contains the domain part of the email address. For example, for the email address “” then this would be

set to "".

Email Address Without TLD

If you have an address like "" and you just want the word "example" it can be hard to write a good regex to capture this. So we've made it easy by providing a field that will give you just what you want by removing the "TLD" portion of the address.

If the emailAddress is “” then this will be "example".

If the emailAddress is “” then this will be "mail.example".

SigParser API: Subjects on emails and more English title matches

Improvement 1 month ago Paul Mendoza, Founder/Developer

You can now get access to subjects we're able to parse from emails via the API. If you have an email with a long chain of emails in the body, each of those emails could have a subject. You should send the "subject" to the API for the root email to get the first email to have the subject populated if you need that.

Also, we've added more title patterns for titles like V.P. and R&D to the API.

The nuget package has also been updated.

Push contacts to your CRM manually

New 1 month ago Paul Mendoza, Founder/Developer

Instead of just creating contacts automatically with pre-defined rules, you can push contacts to your CRM or contact system manually. Our new screen makes this easy. On the dashboard scroll down to the section with your contact systems and click the "+ Contacts" button. You can then add contacts one at a time.

Additionally, you can now push a contact to any connected system from the Contact detail screen and see the history of what we've updated for that contact in other systems.