Email parser and sync improvements

Improvement 2 weeks ago Paul Mendoza , Founder/Developer

Email Parser Improvements

  • Phone numbers with encoded dashes will be properly treated as a dash.
  • Performance improvement for email parsing for on premise customers.
  • UK address capture
  • Strip out mailto: links and properly split emails with links that are converted to text as some security systems do to emails.
  • Added Czech email plitting support
  • Added Korean, Norweigian, Danish support.

Application Improvements

  • When pushing contacts to a CRM system and phone cleanup is enabled SigParser will remove extra zeros from Eurpean phone numbers. For example, +46 (0) 33333 333333 will be converted to +46 33333 333333 which makes it a dialable number. 
  • When pushing contacts to a CRM and name cleanup is enabled SigParser will remove emojis from names. 
  • Phone geocoding was incorrectly geocoding some international numbers as US phone numbers.
  • Switch to Google for geocoding for better international plotting of contacts on a map outside of the US and Canada.
  • Don't generate email folder buckets for folders like INBOX.Trash or INBOX.Spam.

SigParser UI enhancements

New 3 weeks ago Paul Mendoza , Founder/Developer

There are a bunch of new changes to SigParser today.


  • New UI changes for the dashboard, mailboxes and connectors. We expect this to make it easier to get started and easier to understand that status of your connections. 
  • Email Parser: Better email splitting and name capture for email chains generated by
  • Bug Fix: Auto complete for buckets and tags on the advanced search was only showing Email Folders.
  • Office 365: Credentials should no longer expire every 90 days.
  • Email folder for contacts will be updated if the email has already been processed and the email is later moved or a different label is applied.
  • HubSpot contact diff report can report missing phone numbers, titles and locations on a per contact basis. 
  • Export: Added first and last name fields to the export file. 
  • Salesforce: Fixed a bug when there were more than 1 million Accounts in Salesforce and only a few Contacts which would cause the "Add Contact" screen to crash.

Email Parsing and On Premise Assembly Update

Improvement 1 month ago Paul Mendoza , Founder/Developer

We released a new version of the on premise assembly today and email parsing API. It includes the following email parsing improvements.

Release 2020.05.02

  • Fixed: Email addresses for the correct person in an email signature would sometimes cause the signature detection to fail.
  • Fixed: The display names extracted from reply lines would sometimes have the time zone in the display name like "-0700, John Smith"
  • Fixed: Zendesk support email chains were not being split properly.
  • Improvement: Improved signoff detection in Russian.
  • Improvement: Improved signoff detection in English.
  • Improved: Russian Titles are detected more often.
  • Improved: Improved phone matching quality in Russian and more importantly added some additional rejection rules.
  • Improved: Dutch email splitting improvements
  • Fixed: Inline phone number matching pattern handles a few more cases.
  • Improved: Better signature detection for emails written in Gmail using the special attributes in Gmail emails for emails sent from the web client.
  • Improved: Added more name to name mappings (Nico = Nicholas)
  • Improved: Added support for detecting misspelled signoff lines.
  • Fixed: Phone numbers with HTML encoded dashes are were being missed.
  • Fixed: Titles would sometimes include the name of the person.
  • Improved: Added more phone rejection patterns for invalid/fake phone numbers.
  • Improved: Reject any known zoom number as a phone number match.
  • Fix: File names embedded in emails with sequences of numbers were getting picked up as phone numbers.

Release 2020.03.24

  • Improved: Added more generic spam email address detectors for customer service email addresses.
  • Fixed: CleanedHtmlBody wasn't always getting a new value.
  • Improved: Confidentiality notice detection helps detect signatures better.
  • Improved: Reject phone numbers that are really file attachment names.
  • Improved: Spam detection
  • Improved: Turkish email splitting for Outlook formatted emails.
  • Improved: Use HTML structure to better score detected signatures.
  • Improved: Gmail email header splitting

Zendesk Email Splitting

Improvement 1 month ago Paul Mendoza , Founder/Developer

We've updated the SigParser email parser to be able to better handle Zendesk support email message chains. Zendesk has a special format that we needed to handle and their format has evolved over time. With their latest format as of today we're able to split those email chains properly which results in higher quality data capture.

Exchange Delegated Mailbox Access

New 1 month ago Paul Mendoza , Founder/Developer

For Exchange organizations we've made it easier to get up and running. Now you can connect a single account to SigParser and then have it monitor lots of mailboxes. This means you don't need every mailbox owner to setup their mailbox or need to have the password for every mailbox if you're the IT admin.

You just need to setup delegated access rights to the mailbox. This feature is available now.