API Fields Additions - Name quality, email type, address parts, to and cc fields

New 3 months ago Paul Mendoza, Founder/Developer

We continue to improve the results of the SigParser API to return more valuable data about emails. The new API exposes things we think will help you to build powerful integrations with platforms.

Name Quality

When SigParser finds names for contacts, those names can come from different locations. With the API you can now see exactly where and how the name was derived. A quality score indicates how we think you should prioritize one name over another. For example, if a name comes from a header, that is almost always a better name than what SigParser might have guessed the name was in the email signature which isn't as exact. SigParser also generates names by using the email address in cases like "" and that's better than nothing but not a great name.

Email Types

Emails are sometimes human type emails with email signatures. But when they aren't, you might want to know that to skip some processing on them. We've exposed a new emailTypes field which is an array of attributes. We made it an array so later we can add more attributes. For example, right now we have a type for MeetingNotification but later we might add a new types for MeetingInvite and MeetingDeclined but it would still be a MeetingNotification as well. We might even add further attributes like GoogleMeetingNotification so you know what format it is.

Address Parts

In the last release you'd just get a single address field like "888 Grand Ave, San Diego, CA 92033" but then you still had to try and split the address into parts. Now the field addressParts contains the parts of the address if SigParser was able to split it. This isn't always perfect but it's better than writing your own algorithm in most cases.

To and CC

When sending an email to SigParser pass the to and cc fields to get those back with the response in the first email in the list of emails. Previously only the emails parsed from the body would have to to and cc which made some email handling more difficult than it needed to be.

You can see the full API spec updates here.