Custom Roles and New Permissions

New 3 months ago Paul Mendoza, Founder/Developer

Define your own custom roles to best suit your organization in our latest release. In an effort to better support a wide variety of organizations with their own requirements, we've made it possible to define the roles and permissions your team needs.

When you go to Settings -> Users you'll see on the right side a list of roles. From here you can add new roles.

When you are editing an existing role or a new role, you'll be able to pick from a set of permissions. Over time we'll add new permissions to this list.

One of the new permissions in this release is the External Email Reader permission. This is disabled by default on all roles but combined with the Can See All Contacts when disabled this is useful for allowing team members to read the emails sales and support have been exchanging with customers for example.

When a user has Can See All Contacts disabled then they'll only be able to see contacts in the tags you define in the Visible Contacts By Tags section. So if you are tagging customers or prospects then they'll be able to see those contacts.

Other features in the latest release:

  • New Permission: Add Data Sources - Useful to disable this when all the CRM and email connections are setup by the administrator in SigParser and you don't want users to go adding their own mailbox connections.
  • When adding a new email account or CRM, there is a video tutorial on the configuration screen.
  • Added a new, easy to understand email connection setup screen.
  • Added a new link to the main menu to make it easy to add an email account to SigParser.
  • Added buttons to purchase history to the dashboard. It was very buried before and users couldn't find it.