Dynamics 365 CRM Connector

New 3 months ago Paul Mendoza, Founder/Developer

SigParser's Microsoft Dynamics 365 connector enables organizations to connect SigParser to their Dynamics instances. This enables automatically updating and adding contacts in Dynamics based on a set of rules from the data found in email signatures.

SigParser will set name, phone numbers, job titles and addresses fields on both Leads and Contacts.

If you use Leads in your organization, you might want to have SigParser create leads and then you can promote those to contacts as needed.

Fields Added By SigParser

SigParser adds two fields to your Dynamics 365 instance when the contact sync process runs to both Contacts and Leads.

- Created by SigParser (new_createdby_sigparser) - Set whenever the record (Contact/Lead) is added by SigParser to Dynamics.

- Last Modified by SigParser (new_lastmodifiedby_sigparser) - Set whenever SigParser created or updated the record last.

The Dynamics 365 admin for your organization will need to add these fields to the forms for Contacts and Leads. This video explains at 1:59 shows how to add custom fields to a form.

The friendly names and descriptions for these fields have translations for English, French, Spanish, German and Dutch.