Feedback Voting: An Use Case to better understood

An use case to better understand how to use feedback as a voting tool and what is their value.

Feedback Voting: An Use Case to better understood

Customers want to be heard every time, but that doesn't mean that you know how to listen to them. Feedback can be extremely useful to your company to grow stronger and faster, find out how a feedback voting toll will help you.

How to organize and manage customer feedback

Feedback as a Voting Tool

Feedback tools have one mission: provide the perception of your customer about every new feature, request made or product change that can impact user experience.

Having said that, through this tool, the way to collect user feedback is more specific and direct, the votes will transform a decision that you take to retain customers or reserve a change they dislike.

Let's see an example:

One user makes a feature request to your company through your feedback tool, in this case the request is a reward system to engage users to increase replay effect, attracting them to use more times.

The number on the side of the title request is a number of votes. Now your teammate can consider if it’s viable to build that feature or not.

It Is so important to know which and when to build every new feature because it is a time and money that your company and teammates will use.

If the answer is yes, this feature will be well received from customers, they already made it clear: customer like idea. So, you won't have to spend money or your teammate time for nothing. The investment  will be worth it!

Don’t forget to announce in your roadmap that feature was Planned for the future.

Don't ignore user feedback!

The Other Side

The opposite can also happen too, through the number of votes it’s possible to know what your target audience will like and what will repel them. See:

Here, exist a vote requesting a company reconsidering billing method changes, reverting to the old method. Now from here, you know which consequences your decisions can be and even get a quick chance to reverse the wrong decision.

When your relationship with users and customers are closer and transparent, wrong steps can turn back faster and without devastating consequences. Retain users and engage them to participate in continuous building of products.

The tool used to build this use case is Changelogfy, an All-in-one platform to collect, analyze, build a roadmap, prioritize your next steps and make impactful announcements of product changes.