How to generate leads for your SaaS Companies

Capture more leads from your website: Find Out in this article the best strategies for generating leads for your SaaS Companies efficiently and continuously!

How to generate leads for your SaaS Companies
How to generate leads for your SaaS Companies Changelogfy Blog

Lead generation is the most important part of any SaaS business, all your future consumers are online, and in this environment, the focus of lead generation can decide which direction to follow. This task will bring your product financial health and make it a commercial success.

How to generate leads for your SaaS Companies Changelogfy Blog

What is Lead Generation in SaaS?

A SaaS business is mainly based on consumers who find you online, through devices such as computers, smartphones, and tablets. Which makes lead generation extremely important, as these leads will be your future consumers, who can allocate the money for your business to grow and have financial health.

Lead generation is basically attracting new users to your SaaS tool or platform, with the aim of converting these users (qualified leads) into paying consumers of your service, whatever it is.

Find out the Platforms your customers use

The first step to getting continuous lead generation is finding where your target audience is. The idea of a target audience is for you to define which user profile is interested or may be interested in what is provided by your SaaS company in the future, is a potential consumer.

It is important to explain that this user's profile is not what you as an entrepreneur want or imagine, this profile is how users are: their interests, their ambitions, their pains, their purchasing power, the value they add to consumer goods, among many other variables.

A very easy example to understand today is any service or product aimed at young people, the so-called Gen Z seeks to be in different places from other generations, they do not want to mix with older people for several reasons already known to parents around the world: they want to feel free to talk, discuss, and post whatever they want without being reprimanded.

Gen Z is allocated in great concentration on the TikTok Platform, if your SaaS product is something aimed at this target audience, this platform will have to be the focus of your lead-grabbing campaigns. Earlier generations came later on the internet, and are where young people were before, on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Another example is the user in the technology area, this user does not usually look for this interest in mainstream social networking platforms, the place that focuses on their interests are usually specialized forums in the area, niche sites and blogs, and also platforms that also have a focus in audiovisual education like YouTube.

How to generate leads for your SaaS Companies Changelogfy Blog

Create Engagement content

This is the oldest long-term effective way to attract online audiences and have continuous lead generation, creating content that engages users to interact with your content. The oldest blogs and websites have hundreds and thousands of pages, videos, and podcasts bringing content that conveys value to users.

This active way of generating leads works very well because a good part of this well-established strategy is the fact that users themselves look for the information that you create and put on your website, blog, or youtube channel. With the advantage that this type of reach, called content marketing, has an extremely long shelf life, what you create and post on your page today, if you have a functional SEO and a timeless question, you will have hits both today and in five years is a sensational reason to invest in this type of publicity.


Regardless of the platform, you will place your created content on, you will need to study and apply SEO (Search Engine Optimization). A set of practices and techniques to put your content at the top of searches, whether on Google or Youtube, being on top is always the best choice. Several researchers have already defined that 70% of all users, when searching on google, only see the first 5 places that appear on the page, hardly a user goes beyond this behavioral profile.

Email Marketing

There is the impression that people don't use their inboxes in their emails anymore because of the younger ones who don't have the habit of using this tool, the reality is that email is still extremely used and has a high power to convert leads to qualified into paying customers.

Newsletter via email is a way to put all the content created by your SaaS company in a greater reach, delivering news summaries and information related to the interests that this user has and that are connected with your SaaS product.

Another functional model is called Email Onboarding, it is a “welcome” strategy for each and every user who registers on your system, usually the free model, and the objective here is to show value and why this free user should change your plan to a paid subscription, sending one email a day for a pre-set period, usually fifteen days.

This strategy has a high power of converting free users into paying subscribers.

Create impactful landing pages

Landing pages are spaces with a different objective than content marketing, they focus on adding measurable value to your SaaS product using persuasive language, and their focus is to convince those who are reading that that product is necessary for some way:

Solve a persistent problem
Make some tasks easier (almost) magically
Remove a pain
Transform the User's Life

Each landing page has differences such as different colors and sizes, but the structure must contain elements in common to build a language that convinces:

Talking About Pain (or Problem)
Real and Valuable Information
Changes brought about by the product
Social proof (Testimonies and real examples)

You can decide to use images, long texts, and even videos to facilitate the user's conviction, here creativity is infinite and necessary

Have a SaaS Affiliate Marketing

An affiliate marketing program is another very efficient way to get new leads generated for a long time, this is because you put other people to work for you for this purpose, and these professionals most of the time, have high qualifications compared to your team when she is at the beginning of her company's SaaS process.

How to generate leads for your SaaS Companies Changelogfy Blog

It is a very efficient strategy, one care that you must take is to choose who will be part of your affiliate program, if you leave it open for anyone to take part, there may be people at the beginning of this task, without experience and who possibly will not have the same results from professionals with extensive experience in the area, look for people who already know what they are doing, with real results from their applications and campaigns to have better chances and obtain better results.

Investing in ADS

The old model of paying to increase your reach, if you have a good knowledge of your user profile, investing in ADS will greatly facilitate the task of generating qualified leads, since social platforms currently have billions of users with all their data, including a complete analysis of their behavior, and they know which user will buy their product.

Here each platform will have its form of ADS, on Google ADS you pay per click, on Instagram and TikTok, and charged per view, for every X views that your post gets you will be charged a pre-established amount. However, the value may change according to the niche of your business, if it is more competitive, it will cost more.

Remarketing forever

In web content marketing, remembering your old creations and revamping them with the keywords that have a higher search is great for any business today. Reuse your old content and put a new image on it, improve the language, change the figures, always improve the SEO and take the opportunity to increase the size and value of everything that has been created and published, improving the chances of being in the first positions of the searches organic.