Top Must-Have SaaS tools to grow Business

The must-have tools that will drive your company. Improving marketing, internal and external communications, sales, customer feedback, and customer engagement.

Top Must-Have SaaS tools to grow Business

Looking for the best SaaS tools for your business? It's in the right place!

With solid research, we bring the best tools that will drive your company. Improving marketing, internal and external communications, sales, customer feedback, and customer engagement.

1. Intercom

Want a business messaging platform? Intercom is for you! Automates customer communications across multiple channels. It gives you an easy way to reduce the number of tools you need to communicate with users.

Offering automation and e-mail, a knowledge base, and a well-established support desk.

2. Hubstaff

Want to improve your efficiency while optimizing your working time? Hubstaff is for you!

Here you can work with streamlined time tracking, identify roadblocks, manage billing and even create reports. In addition to having integration with more than 30 applications, including Trello, Payal and Basecamp.

It is available for Linux, Mac, Windows and iOS.

3. Changelogfy!

Changelofy is a tool that makes it possible to improve your company's communication with your customers.
You can create updates on all your platform increments easily.

Not just a changelog tool, this all-in-one software also includes a roadmap builder, and user feedback to your business can transform the way how you have a relationship with customers.

Different than others, this one has the advantage of not limiting numbers of users visits or teammates to manage feedback.

Using this tool, the engagement of your business increases by 10x, it promotes through the interaction of users with updates, creating and facilitating the way in which feedback is created for the company.

Adding several other tools included such as multi-language, update progress monitoring, periodic email, analytics, and others.

4. Unbounce

The tool to create landing pages for your campaigns, improving the final conversion of customers. Very simple to use, allows for professional-looking creation, any of your team will be able to create landing pages fast.

It has integration with other tools like Hubspot and Mailchimp, to collect information from your leads and convert them to the final sale.

5. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is one of the best and most effective email marketing services. Sending emails is made easy with this tool, which creates an email list, a drag-and-drop builder for email templates, a set of analytics to measure who opened your email, who read it, who clicked on the email link, and many other options!

6. Twilio

It offers APIs for sending messages via SMS, WhatsApp, and even phone voice calls.

Another possibility of this tool is the power of WhatsApp and Messenger bots build, expanding their ways of acting in marketing and support.

7. Notion

Think of complete SaaS software, that's the Notion.
It has note-taking software, a powerful planning system, a to-do list, tools for collaboration and team divisions, simple spreadsheets, and a very robust database.

Simply put, The Notion is indeed amazing!

8. Zendesk

Suitable for all sizes of business. Zendesk increases your and your team's productivity as a web-based customer service help desk software through a support ticket system.

Gives access to integration with other support channel sources (email, chat). Users can even set up a support portal to help customers autonomously find the answers they need.

With different themes offered by the brand, you can customize your support portal. Easily integrated with third-party solutions like Salesforce, FreshBooks, JIRA, and others.

9. Slack

Imagine your company team's collaboration and communication with your users enhanced and facilitated. That's what Slack promotes!
Any type of team can be joined to it, including participating in general chat discussion.

If your team is completely remote and with different fusers, it makes it even easier by not having to think about time differences.