Home Office: tips to keep PRODUCTIVITY and communication up to date.

Home Office: tips to keep PRODUCTIVITY and communication up to date.

And truth be told, thinking about productivity while working remotely was unbelievable for many people. Delivering results and keeping professionals engaged is even less likely. But, in the face of actions to contain the Covid-19 pandemic, there was no other way, adopting the home office became a reality for many companies, which suspended their face-to-face activities and, even though they did not have the expertise to manage a team remotely with the mission to keep it productive, they have the agility of the internet, devices and systems - such as integration software - to their advantage.

We will bring in this post important tips on how to maintain and / or promote good engagement and communication in the virtual office. Come on!

Draw a work routine

For ‘newbies’ in this job model, it is necessary to emphasize that home office is not a day off or vacation. So, already establish a daily workload, respecting, even, a time for rest such as lunch or 'coffee'. Keep a schedule of deadlines and deliveries, so you will always be in line with the demands of the company.

If you live with other people, let them know about your work routine and, if possible, change your clothes, getting, for example, in pajamas makes your brain understand that you are in a moment of leisure.

A dedicated space to be the working environment

The sofa or bed is definitely not the place to work. Watching television or switching on the computer screen with the cell phone also does not help to keep recording. A suitable place with a table-chair can also avoid future spine problems. And, if possible, while working, stay isolated from anything that could take your concentration away.

Communication is essential

The great challenge of the virtual office is to keep a daily and aligned diary among all employees, respecting tasks, deliveries and deadlines. Do you agree? We can say that this is the heart of the business, whether in person or in the remote environment. And, sometimes, that communication is interrupted when we are working side by side, or saying when there is a physical distance. But, calm down, it has a solution and it is simpler than we think.

A computer or notebook, a good internet and a very clear routine are undoubtedly basic requirements to maintain the experience. But, an efficient communication channel is essential for everyone who is on the same page or even to avoid rework.

One of the means to guarantee an assertive communication, especially among professionals who work with SaaS products or services, is to create a changelog. The system allows an environment that supports the entire communication process between teams, allowing the sharing of updates of internal notes, allowing to segment according to different users and interests - marketing, commercial, technical area and company companies. In a simple and quick way, Changelogfy is today an option of integration tool, which, allied to the Slack system, helps to divide all the actions of the team, be it essentially or work remotely, in no case, whenever someone changes, updates or start a new project, automatically as allowed parts and can perform simultaneous actions on the project, which ensures greater engagement, even in the remote environment.

Maintain a healthy routine

Being at home can skip some important steps to maintain a healthy and productive mind. Waking up and turning on the computer can - in the medium and long term - create a state of mental exhaustion. Therefore, adopt a routine that adds comfort and pleasure to your daily life. It can be having breakfast with your family, walking your dog or exercising. Maintaining a balanced life is, without a doubt, the secret to get more quality of life!

Changelogfy goal is to add value to SaaS companies, products and services. Create your change log for free now.

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