How Changelogfy Helps Improve Your Company Communication

How Changelogfy Helps Improve Your Company Communication

One of the biggest problems in today's businesses is communication. But this question can be very broad, because a company has several areas and communication in the sales team means one thing, communication between the CEO and company employees means something else, and so on.

In this article I will explain how Changelogfy helps improve communication for your company.

Support Communication

Improving Support Team Communication:

The first integration I made in the product was with Slack and I will explain why:
Companies with many employees tend to have communication problems between the development / product teams with the support team.

A classic example of this problem is that every time the / dev product team posts a fix or new functionality in the air, the support team is unaware of such fix or functionality.

To do this we launched the integration with Slack, to solve this problem as follows:
Every time the product team places a new item in Changelog, automatically the support team will be notified via Slack, fantastic no?

Sales Communication

Improving sales team communication:

This is a point I particularly like, as our product will help your sales team win more customers!

I often hear the sales team at another company I'm a partner talking to potential customers, and they often ask at three points:

  1. If the company is constantly developing (if product is not stagnant)
  2. If the company listens to the feedback their users send
  3. If the company evolves its product based on customer needs
  4. For this type of question our sellers already have a ready answer!

They send the address of our changelog public page to future customers, when visiting our changelog they will get the following answers:

  1. We take customer feedback seriously
  2. Based on feedbacks we are constantly evolving the product
  3. We make a point of communicating our customers with each product improvement.

If your company does not already work with a changelog system, create your free account here.