When you create Software as a Service (SaaS) one of the most important things is to listen to its users. After all you are building the platform for them to use, aren't you (sometimes) aren't you?

Feedback comes in all sorts of ways, some really important and some less so, but this is where the difference between success and failure lies. Filter and prioritize these feedbacks.

Tip: Something that helps me a lot to receive these feedbacks is to use Crisp chat, this way I get closer to my users.

How I make this filter and manage user feedbacks:

I work with weekly sprints and to help me with this process, I use Trello as the main tool for managing Changelogfy tasks and bugs.


I divide my trello kanban as follows:

Backlog Features:

Here all the feedback I get unfiltered is concentrated, usually I create the card with some easy title and put all the conversation I had with the user into the card description, so I remember every detail if one day this feature really is. be implemented. I often take a screenshot of the conversation and attach it to the card.

Accepted Features:

Here are all features that have already been filtered, validated and will be implemented in Changelogfy.
At this stage of the process I still don't have much detail about how the feature will work, nor a start date for activities. But it's good to know which direction you will go.

To do:

In this step I put all the tasks that I will perform in the weekly sprint, basically is what I can produce in a week, prioritizing the bugs of course rs.


In this step are all the tasks I am currently doing.
This can also contain tasks that are stopped by some external factor, such as: "I am waiting for the designer to submit the new login screens" or "I am waiting for the release of some tax document".


In this step I concentrate all completed tasks within the current sprint, I make them visible until the last day of the sprint, so I can review them before starting the next cycle.

This is how I currently organize my SaaS tasks, and how do you do yours? Do you have any suggestions? Comment below :)

Until the next!