Before i start telling you how i created Changelogfy, i want you to know that this is my second startup, the first startup was Doctor Engage, which was sold in April 2018.

Due to these past 3 years i devoted full time to Doctor Engage along with my partners, we learned a lot together about SaaS.

We learned that a lean team needs to do everything, i programmed, called prospects, studied marketing, and supported chatting ... Ufff rs.

But let's get down to business...

It was vacation time, near the new year of 2019 when i made the decision to finally put the product on air.

Changelogfy initial commit

I created a really simple Minimum Viable Product (MVP), i didn't waste much time (I learned this from the previous startup) between my first gitlab commit and my Product Hunt post were only 43 days.

Product Hunt
Product Hunt

The day i posted Changelogfy on Product Hunt we had hundreds of entries to try out the system, and here's a golden tip!

Put a support chat inside your platform, it helped me to interact more closely with my users and collect a lot of positive feedbacks, that really was awesome!

I decided that the product would be entirely free during the beta period, I really like this release because i believe we get closer to our users.

And that's what really happened, we got amazing tips like Slack integration, email user notifications, api user sync, among other precious tips.

I implemented all the minimum resources necessary for users to see something in our product that really added value to them and were willing to pay for the service.

I believe we have done a good job so far, but we are just at the beginning of this journey.

Changelogfy was in beta until August 1, 2019 when we definitely left the beta period and announced paid plans.