How Stripe Enabled Me To Create a Global Startup

How Stripe Enabled Me To Create a Global Startup

I always wanted to create a product or service that I could sell to all over the world, but I live in Brazil and if you didn't know here we have one of the most complex tax systems on the planet!

Stripe is present in Brazil (private beta) since 2015 and we used in my other Startup, always worked very well. But until then it was only possible to invoice in BRL.

With the arrival of the new model in which we can charge in virtually any currency in the world and receive in Reais (BRL) it was much easier to create global startups from Brazil, a breakthrough for us Brazilians.

In the past, it was virtually impossible for an average person like me to create a product to sell globally. Only the big players got this kind of deal.

If you want to know more about stripe, here is the link.

One of the strengths that I really like about stripe, besides being able to charge in USD and receive in BRL is that it is very easy to integrate with almost any programming language, either front end or back end.

It also has a very beautiful, intuitive and easy to understand dashboard.

Another strength of Stripe is its public api, with it you can do just about everything.
This has led to third-party software where you connect your Stripe account to them to analyze metrics, fraud, and other activities. They are truly fantastic and help you with essential SaaS metrics like MRR, LVT, CHURN and more.

Chartmogul Dashboard

To learn more about SaaS metrics, i highly recommend you read the article: SaaS Metrics 2.0.

Here at Changelogfy we currently use ChartMogul, but you can use another service to analyze your metrics like Baremetrics for example.

Hope this article helped you, see you next time.