Increase your Business with Social Commerce Sales

The real showcase that turns the web into a sales machine is social media, understand how to increase your presence on them and grow your business!

Increase your Business with Social Commerce Sales
Increase your Business with Social Commerce Sales Changelogfy Blog

Social commerce is consolidated as one of the most important means of the world market, with more than half of the population on the entire planet connected to the internet, having an online presence is as important as having a product to sell.

However, having an internet presence like a website or blog is not enough, your business needs to be in the places where users are, and there is a specific place in common that everyone accesses daily: social networks.

According to the website Statista, which gathers information on data offered by bodies, companies, and organizations worldwide, in 2022, a total of 4.59 billion users access social networks monthly, more than 50% of the entire world population! And this number keeps growing, it is estimated that in 2027, up to 5.85 billion.

Impossible to deny, platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok have become in recent years the biggest showcases of exposure for sales that have ever existed in history. Many influencers, for example, sell spaces on their profiles for several big companies to present their products and make them instant success.

In the business world based on SaaS models, it is no different, if you have a SaaS product, you need to show the world what it exists for, and thus acquire extremely qualified leads that convert into loyal buyers over time.

In this article, you'll learn some tips on how to reach all these users and increase your revenue and finally achieve the expected success for your product!

Increase your Business with Social Commerce Sales Changelogfy Blog

Identify the most popular platforms for your product type

This information is the most valuable of all when it comes to social commerce, at the beginning we have the idea that being present in all social networks is the most important thing, but if your company does not have a minimally acceptable capital to support all these networks, this strategy is inefficient.

How to motivate your team sales

If the focus of your product is to increase the productivity of professionals, and prioritize platforms on which they are located, investing in TikTok for example is not smart because the audience is mostly children and adolescents, LinkedIn or Instagram would be more efficient for this purpose.

Now if your product is entertainment-oriented, maybe betting on TikTok and Youtube works very well, since these platforms are the main ones for those who just want to have fun and spend time relaxing without any commitment.

Interactive and educational content

A very common mistake among digital sales and marketing teams is the creation of “educational and interactive” content that doesn't educate anyone and dies without even having an interaction. The creation of well-crafted content talks to your audience in their own way of speaking, using their everyday terms, and events that generate engagement and invite the user to interact with what has been posted.

The user needs to feel the will, or rather, the need to comment, to offer their opinion, even if it's a contrary opinion, this is genuine interaction, which converts simple users into loyal buyers.

Before creating and posting any content to social networks, think: if I were a user scrolling through my feed and a post about your product appeared, how would this content catch MY attention and make me feel the need to comment on it?

The ultimate goal of any content is always to convert ordinary users into buyers, and this requires effort, studying, and understanding what will make this user change their position and always researching the most effective way to put this in content for social media.

Create Buyable Content

Another very common mistake is the creation of content that can even be educational, interactive, and fun, but it does not have the main objective: the conversion of the user into a buyer. Content posted on social networks needs to somehow make the user's life as easy as possible in case they arouse the desire to spend on your SaaS product.

About 81% of shoppers research products to buy on Instagram and Facebook, according to Facebook Insights, so why not make this process easier for users?

Insert links in the images, and use the sales tools that the platforms offer to make the sale as fast and accessible as you can. Just be careful not to leave your company or product profile too polluted with these resources, which could have the opposite effect of what you want.

Increase your Business with Social Commerce Sales Changelogfy Blog

Use As Much Social Proofs As You Can!

Social proof is basically testimonials, information your business collects from your customers while they are online, reviews, ratings and even stories involving your product fit this type of resource with high converting power.

Users have a culture of researching very well about the company or the product before spending their valuable money, they want to know if the product really delivers what is offered by its content, if other users have had problems with their call center, what the and how much your competitors charge.

The idea of this feature is precise to show the user, with real social proof, that your product is of excellent quality and delivers what it offers, and at the same time that your company is worthy of your trust to receive your money.

How to generate leads for your SaaS Companies

Turn Your Buyers into a Community

Despite also being a form of social proof, the idea here is not to create and manage a forum, but to share content generated by the users who follow you and your buyers when they talk about your product on a daily basis.

This interaction and appreciation of your buyers, demonstrate to ordinary users an image of reliability and guarantee, that your product is good enough, so that other people, even those outside your page, deliver what you offer.

Another benefit is the loyalty of the buyers, when they feel valued and noticed by a company, they tend to consume other products launched in the future and for a long period.

Evaluate partnerships with influencers

If your company has minimal capital to invest, partnerships with influencers are extremely effective in promoting your brand or product, because everything that was explained to you earlier in this article has already been built and consolidated by an influencer.

Increase your Business with Social Commerce Sales Changelogfy Blog

The Influencer already has a loyal following, credibility, interaction, and an excess of popularity. When proposing a partnership with someone, look for those who fit in with your product offer, and who talk about the pains or solutions offered daily.

It's not for everyone, some famous users charge generous amounts to just be able to make a 60-second video or post a photo in your feed, research well which influencer will accept your offer and will still bring you the greatest return possible.

Consistency is critical

On social media platforms, you are not only competing for user attention with other companies, but also with influencers and even other users. Everyone generates online content, but most of it is not quality, even so, all content ends up taking up space on some user's screen instead of yours.

On Instagram, your content hardly has a life span longer than 32 hours, on Facebook, this number drops to less than 5 hours, on TikTok, unless it goes viral, the lifespan is just a few minutes.

That's why posting content every day is as important as its quality, as it will not always be seen by many users because of the high competition in the market for attention.

Have you already started your social media journey to make your company seen in the world's showcase? Enjoy all the tips in this article and start now!