The importance of brand ambassadors for the success of SaaS products and services

The importance of brand ambassadors for the success of SaaS products and services

In the previous article we talked about the main metrics of SaaS, and today we decided to address an important indicator that shows if your company is on the right track: having customer loyalty.

In this case, how satisfied is your customer with the deliveries made by your team? If tomorrow another company appears that provides the same service for a more attractive price, what would your consumer do? And, most importantly, does this user refer your business to other people? If so, what is the rate of new service / product subscriptions earned through this relationship?

Yes, all of this to say once again that the customer is the protagonist of your business, and it is necessary to constantly invest not only to win more consumers, but, mainly, to build customer loyalty, creating a bond that goes far beyond the financial one, partnership where he becomes your brand ambassador.

To help with this task, select some tactics that SaaS companies use to retain their customers. Good reading!

Satisfied customer

Happy customer is a seller of your business. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that it follows the work journey of your product and development team, in this case, it is not enough to be effective and deliver the proposed tasks on time, it is important to involve the user in their daily lives, when they can have the opportunity to know that the team is constantly working for him.

Active communication

It is not because we are talking about a relationship where the main contact takes place in the online universe, that it is not possible to create a solid base of communication with its user and, why not, more humanized. For this, keep channels always active, where the client can talk to his collaborators whenever he needs, either through chatbots, e-mail, social pages, forums or a changelog, where he can also follow the updates of notes also give your opinion on the evolution of the SaaS product and / or service. At this point, you will be able, through specific actions, to increase engagement and further strengthen this relationship.


It is no use talking about how good you are, your credibility happens when someone speaks well of you. This is the main role of your product / service ambassador: to say how happy you are with the work that is delivered. Let's say that by means of an assertive communication strategy and constant engagement actions, you finally won the loyalty and, above all, the trust of your consumer, to the point that he feels comfortable to indicate your brand to other prospects. At this point you believe you have reached the peak of that relationship, but you are wrong. It is important to create a rewards program for those most involved users, whether with access to new features, upgrades or discounts. He needs to be recognized as a promoter of his brand.

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