Find out what the main SaaS metrics are

Find out what the main SaaS metrics are

We have already talked a few times here on the blog about the important task of defining KPIs - Key Performance Indicator consistent and focused on business growth, using this tool in the management of your internal team, as well as to increase the engagement of SaaS products and services, consequently, winning and retaining customers.

In this case, more than designing strategies, it is necessary to monitor them closely and, if necessary, change the course, therefore, defining clear and assertive metrics is essential to make smart decisions, especially when we operate in a market such as the SaaS, which is constantly evolving and has fierce competition. In this article, we’ll bring you the key metrics to identify whether your business is on track or needs to calibrate key indicators.

Financial health

Yes, regardless of the market or the time of existence, your company's revenue is undoubtedly the main indicator if what you are doing today is bringing results or not. Designing short and long-term metrics on billing objectives, new service subscriptions (MRR - Monthly Recurring Revenue) or even what the churn rate - percentage of subscription cancellation - is acceptable, among other additives in the SaaS business, it is essential to make the gear run and undoubtedly make a profit from the business.

In order not to have negative surprises when making the company's financial statements, dedicate yourself to keeping your customers always happy. Our suggestion is to invest in a tool for updating notes, such as Changelogfy, where you can keep everyone on the 'same page' and help your team understand what users' preferences are, difficulties or how to involve them in the evolution of the product and / or SaaS service.

SaaS Product Marketing

When we talk about working with people, we have to keep in mind a business in constant motion. From time to time, it is necessary to identify as requirements and requirements of our customers. We have recently talked about this subject - read also 'What is product marketing - but it is always good to reinforce: without an efficient product marketing strategy, which plays or engages and loyalty customers with the SaaS product and / or service , your business will not reach key users, and may have days of contact. It looks magical, isn't it the same? But, believe me, this is a reality for many companies that have not put marketing as a metric to get to know their customers.

The Changelogfy software allows you to keep your user up to date on the work of your team, strengthening the relationship and, thus, always leaving them around, an important factor in retaining consumers.

Prospect and build loyalty

Always the customer as our main protagonist, who are increasingly demanding and demanding a closer and more humanized relationship, especially in the SaaS businesses, which operate 100% online. Do you know how to say today how your customer satisfaction metrics are, whether with your company, your employees or the product / service you are developing? A tool that is known worldwide and used in all segments, the Net Promoter Score - created by Fred Heichheld in 2003 - can help in this task, as it works as an indicator to measure customer loyalty, which helps to create insights to drive a project and align the strategy with key users.

But, if the idea is to monitor the level of happiness of its customers more instantly and, why not, on a daily basis, Changelogfy maintains an updated report of user feedbacks, which makes it possible to detect key customers and thus create loyalty and prospecting actions, as well as acting on those who do not interact, aiming at greater engagement, because the software allows you to personalize the content and monitor their reactions.


We have talked a lot about engagement, because it is one of the main indicators to measure if your company is on the right path. Your team may even offer quality content that is relevant, but if you don't have an effective involvement of your users, everything will be in vain.

A great ally to build a closer and long-term relationship with customers is to use the changelog, which allows you to easily and quickly share the latest news and versions of your product with users, as well as keeping them updated. about improvements and bug fixes, for example, being a platform focused on the continuous growth of engagement, enabling the retention and, of course, the increase of leads.

Changelogfy's goal is to add value to SaaS companies, products and services. Create your changelog for free now.

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