UX - User Experience as a retention factor

User experience is one of the most important factors in retaining users, if it's bad, they won't come back. Here we will talk about!

UX - User Experience as a retention factor

Learn how retaining users through design is every designer's dream. The question is: how to do it?

Millions of mobile apps, social media platforms, websites, and much more. With many options in the market, why would the user choose yours?

UX has a great potential and can define if users continue on your SaaS service or not. Pay attention to your product. The problem can´t be the price or marketing strategy.

User Retention Experience

You may not know it, but 50% of free SaaS software or application users only use it once and never come back. This is not a good sign, if they don't use it again, they will never buy your SaaS product or service.

The user experience has to be the same regardless of the plan, be free or paid. What has to change is only access to the full product, nothing more. The same tool has to be equal performance and usability for all your community.

More important than attracting new buyers, is retaining the customers who are already testing.Transform them into loyal and long-lasting customers.

You're a user to!

Let's start! First of all, you are also a user, remember that. So if you're the target audience, think about how you'd like the experience. Look for problems and find ways to solve them.

Design a platform sketch, optimized to look as close to a social network or game as possible.

You want to have the best experience with any service like anyone else. So, start with yourself, analize how you feel about your own product or service, this way, bridge the gap in understanding which UX is effective for your type of project and buyers.

Why consume your service?

Asking “why” the customers are using your SaaS service. How is their intention? Exactly why he didi visit your website. When you find the answer, you know how to create the perfect user experience.

And what values do you public search on your website? Do users want to stay for hours on service or want to stay as short a time as possible?

Relationships between users and platforms must be solid, your team can be the best in communication, and need to be the best in resolving problems that are in product design too.

So many questions, and all provide the answers to create the right experience!

Does UX matter?

The ability of any material or virtual object offered to users to be accessible, that is a user experience. Has to be simple and easy to use the software or SaaS platform for the customer to use again.

UX makes users loyal subscribers, through reward and accessibility.

What are the advantages of having and keeping your changelog always up to date?

What are the advantages of having and keeping your changelog always up to date?


The easier your service is to use, the higher retention you will have. That happens because users don’t want to spend a lot of time learning how to use new products or services, they want a standardization of everything. This way, your feeling of being able to handle anything makes him loyal to the platform he can use.

This is why most services for businesses have increasingly looked like social networks.

The learning time of the work team is greatly reduced by the similarity that any new SaaS service has with the platforms that it is already accustomed and trained to use in its personal life.

A famous example is Duolingo, which expanded around the world and became a reference in self-learning languages, bringing its learning model as close as possible to a social game.

Wasting time is not an option.

Keep it Clean

One of the best practices is to design with not too much going on at the same time. Our attention is constantly competed by various items that are in front of us.

Too many points of attention hinder learning, make it difficult to understand, and throw the potential user away. Make the maximous clear as possible.

Few items and ways of interacting, put in the same action button several options for user integration. Little information on screen, choose to have a reduced color palette, three or four at the most.

Prevent the user from distracting his attention with unnecessary visual pollution.

UX Triggers

Also you can insert triggers for increase user retention, like:

Curiosity, by encouraging certain actions on the platform: subscribe to a mailing list, buy a product, learn more, share a post.

Reciprocation, sharing for free something useful, that attracts new users: demo version, a story test drive, a game.

Comparison, stand side by side with your competitors, making it clear that your product has a better experience than theirs.

Invest in User Feedback

The best way to know how your SaaS service or product is performing in terms of user experience is the feedback you get from your users. The user will tell you if he considers it easy to use. If it's attractive.How long does it take to learn to use.

The amount of feedback also reveals a lot about the user experience.

The more complaints you have, or the more they contact your team to learn how to take any action, it is an indicator that some of the requirements that keep customers on the platform are not well worked out.

In summary, the less the user needs your team to learn how to use your SaaS tool, the better the experience they have.

Feedback: Why should I listen to my customer?

Now, can you notice any of these glitches on your platform? Rethink.