Feedback: Why should I listen to my customer?

Feedback: Why should I listen to my customer?

The first question we want to ask is: are you ready to listen to your customer? We can mention here several cases of companies that knew how to listen to their consumers and companies that ignored the 'red lights' that they gave about a certain product / service or even in relation to their own positioning.

But, let's focus on two positive examples. The first is the case of Unilever, which after market research found that the target audience of its Dove brand did not feel good about its own body, especially women. Instead of making a new product to please this audience, she changed her position, bringing inclusive campaigns and praising the ‘real woman’. This not only brought them closer to these consumers, but also boosted their sales.

Another good example is the automobile market, which started a recovery movement in the last two years, when it had an important strategic ingredient: to customize its products with an eye on this 'new' consumer, who seeks more technology and digital advances in automobiles.

‘SaaS’ Client

All this to highlight what we always bring here on the blog: the customer is the 'guy'. And in the SaaS products and services segment it is no different, in fact it is much more important to adapt, as we said in the last article 'Future: the customer responsible for your SaaS product and or service', companies lost the prominence to give way to consumer role in business guidelines.

There are several actions you can take to foster this relationship.

But how do you give your users a voice? We will bring you three essential tips for the success of this relationship. Let's go!

1. Aligned team

The first thing is to make your team aware of the importance of the client for the permanence and sustainability of the company and, even, of your work. Of course, the idea is not to create a scenario of terrorism among employees, but to make them understand that everything should revolve around serving well and be increasingly indispensable to users, whether with impeccable service, or with effective and surprising deliveries. . The consumer is and should always be the main objective of the entire project.

2. Do market research

It is not enough to send questionnaires to customers, it is necessary to expand the way they collect qualitative data about them and, thus, further segment their deliveries. For this, it is important to focus on information that will be useful for the management of your company in the short, medium and long term, not only of potential and current customers, but also of lost users. This will help you better understand how they interact with your brand and optimize future processes. In addition, keeping up to date on the position of your competitors in the market is a step forward to differentiate products and / or services from the target audience, maximizing gains.

3. Communication, communication, communication

If you do not maintain close and reciprocal contact with your customer, nothing is worth everything that we highlighted above. In addition to the importance of diversifying the communication channels with the user - email, chat, social networks, customer area, changelog, among others - it is essential to maintain a continuous and effective flow of contact. Another detail is to invest in the interaction environment, because if you don't create an intuitive and attractive platform, he will lose interest or even the patience to get involved with your brand.

And to close this topic, we have to remember the importance of collecting feedback from your users, an assertive tool to maintain a long relationship, as well as gain new leads.

Let Changelogfy help you!

Changelogfy is a complete system that promotes a better user experience with your SaaS product and / or service, as the tool helps to keep communication always active, in a simple and effective way. The software also allows you to keep your user up to date on the work of your team, strengthening the relationship and, thus, always leaving you close, an important factor in customer retention. In addition, with each version update and product notes, it is possible to obtain reaction and feedback reports, effective information so that your team has data capable of creating a behavioral map from the customers who most interact to the inactive ones, reducing turnover of cancellations.

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