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Public changelog page

Create a customizable changelog public page, where your customers or users will always be aware of every update or novelty of your product or service.

If you need to make this private changelog page it is also possible. In this way only the audience you want will see the content posted

See any existing changelogs: Doctor Engage Customer Alliance Roger Roger Nimbo-x

Example of Public changelog page

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With our embedded widget, you’ll notify your customers about patches, updates, or product or service news very simply

Our widgets are customizable and very easy to integrate. With only one line of code it will already be working inside your software

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Testimonial of Eduardo from Data Power Hub
“We started using changelogfy in our product and our customers got more engaged.”
Eduardo - Data Power Hub
Testimonial of Patrick from BoaConsulta
“Our customers are more than happy to know that we are in frequent update of the platform.”
Patrick - BoaConsulta
Testimonial of Vanessa from Doctor Engage
“Using a cloud platform to publish our changelogs made it much easier for our marketing team.”
Vanessa - Doctor Engage