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Beautiful widgets for your product

Our beautiful embedded widget makes it easy to communicate with your customers directly from your product or service, because with each new post published, it will receive an alert within your software

Changelog widget

Public changelog page for your product

Many benefits are involved in a changelog page, for example you will gain more content on the search pages, your customers will be aware of constant updates to your product and will be more engaged with it

Changelog Public Page


Your customers can sign up to receive their updates directly in their e-mail inboxes or receive push notifications

Subscribe to receive product updates

Powerful integrations

Integrations that make everyday easier, our integration with Slack for example communicates all your team when there is a new post in your changelog

Integrations help your changelog be best
Other features
  • Custom domain for your changelog

    Custom domain

    Keep your public page at

  • Custom branding for your changelog

    Custom branding

    Leave your changelog with the brand of your company

  • Custom labels for your changelog

    Custom labels

    Customize labels the way you want them

  • Theme customization for your changelog

    Theme customization

    Leave your widget with the face of your company

  • Schedule post for your changelog

    Schedule posts

    Schedule the day and time for your posts

  • Google Analytics for your changelog

    Google Analytics

    Track visits in your public page with GA

  • Team management for your changelog

    Team management

    You can invite team members inside changelogfy

  • Changelog private mode

    Private mode

    If you need to leave your changelog page private, you can