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Check below the list of all features available on Changelogfy to help you understand and discover your audience real needs

In-App Widget

Install our In-App Widget inside your product and your users don't miss any product updates.

  • Increase and promote user engagement
  • Increase user retention by decreasing churn
  • Improve communication between your company and the user
  • Understand what the end user really likes the user

Segment your audience

Delivery of the message for the right users

  • Create user segments based on your business logic
  • Understand what segment of users are more actives
  • Promote upsell delivering a message to certain user segments

Introducing feature for paid users

MemberPlan is "Paid"
{ MemberPlan: Paid}
{ MemberPlan: Free}

Publish in Multiple Languages

If your company have customers in many countries, its good to deliver the message in multi-languages for better user engagement

  • Maximize audience and growth
  • Centralize your changelogs in the single place

And even more powerful features

Custom Domain + SSL

Private Feed

Team Management

Post Schedule

Post Pinning

Custom JavaScript

Custom Stylesheet

User Tracking

Analytics Dashboard

Custom Labels


Powerful API

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