The right features to increase user engagement

In-Product Widget

A subtle widget for you to install within your product, so your users don't miss updates on your project.

The built-in widget improves the engagement of your users as they will know that your team will always be working hard on the product.

Changelog widget

A Beautiful Newsfeed

We have created an easy tool for posting your product updates in timeline format.

Your product manager will love this, as your users will be aware that the development team is working hard to meet the requested features.

Changelog Public Page


Your users can subscribe to receive their updates directly to their email inboxes.

Every time you release a new update of your product, you can choose to notify your users automatically. Isn't this really fantastic?

Subscribe to receive product updates

Powerful integrations

Integrations that make everyday life easier, with our integration with Slack, for example, you communicate your entire team when there is a new update to your product or service.

Integrations help your changelog be best

Other features

  • Custom domain for your changelog

    Custom domain

    Keep your page at

  • Custom branding for your changelog

    Custom branding

    Your changelog, your brand

  • Custom labels for your changelog

    Custom labels

    Customize the labels your way

  • Theme customization for your changelog

    Custom theme

    Make the widget look like your business

  • Schedule post for your changelog

    Schedule posts

    Schedule the day and time for your release note

  • Google Analytics for your changelog

    Google Analytics

    Track visits in your changelog page with Google Analytics

  • Team management for your changelog

    Team management

    You can invite team members inside changelogfy

  • Changelog private mode

    Private mode

    You can make your project private if needed