Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

All collection, processing and use (hereafter “usage”) of data by Changelogfy is exclusively for the purposes of providing the Changelogfy services (hereafter “services”). The services have been designed with the goal of collecting as little personal data as possible to function. By “personal data”, we mean all particulars related to an identified or identifiable natural person (the “data subject”).

The following statements describe which types of data we collect when you use our services, what happens with this data, and how you can object to this data processing, where applicable

Responsible Entities

For the purposes of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679, the responsible entity is:

Changelogfy Ltda - Me

Av Santo Amaro 3131 - CJ 1715

Brooklin Paulista

São Paulo - SP

Chief Executive Officer: Paulo Castellano

The responsible place of business is the Brazil branch office of Changelogfy, which is:

Changelogfy Ltda - me



“Our Website(s)” and “Changelogfy Websites” refers to any website owned and / or operated by Changelogfy Ltd (as listed above), especially (including all subdomains).

“Changelogfy Application” refers to Changelogfy’s product hosted at

What Data we Collect

When you visit our website, our server temporarily saves details of your access in its logs. These logs contain the following data, and are kept until their automatic deletion:

The IP address of the computer making the request

The date and time of your request

The requested URI

The amount of data transferred to you in response

Whether the request was successfully processed or not

Identifying data about the browser and operating system you use

The referring website from which you made the request

The name of your Internet Service Provider

The purpose of recording this data is to make it possible to serve the website to you (by establishing a TCP/IP connection), to secure our servers, the technical administration of our infrastructure as well as the optimisation of our services. Only in the case of unauthorised access or attacks on our infrastructure will your IP address be analysed.

No further information is required from you in order to access our website.

Securing your Data

In order to secure your data we have put in place technical and organisational measures which meet the requirements of the GDPR, and require any third-party service providers we use to do the same.

When we use third parties to provide the services, for example email and infrastructure service providers, these third parties are only engaged after a comprehensive review. This review carefully considers each third party’s competence as well as their technical and organisational data protection measures. The results of this review are recorded in writing, and a data processing agreement which is compliant with Article 28 of the GDPR is signed with the third party.

Your data is only ever saved on secure servers, which may only be accessed by a few authorised personnel. When you use a form on our website to transmit data to us, this transmission is only performed over an encrypted TLS connection.

Third-Party Service Providers h2n non-EEA Countries

In order to provide our services, we use third-party services located outside the European Economic Area. To protect your personal data in this case, we have signed special data processing agreements with these service providers.

We use the following third-party service providers:

Service providers which Changelogfy Ltd uses to send emails

Service providers who offer server storage.

Use of Cookies

In addition to the previously listed data, cookies will be saved on your computer when you use our website. Cookies are small pieces of textual data which are saved on your hard disk by your web browser, through which Changelogfy, who sets the cookie’s contents, can collect certain information about you. Cookies cannot execute any code, nor transfer any viruses to your computer. We use them in order to anonymously or pseudonymously analyse the use of the website, and present relevant offers to you.

This website uses the following types of cookies, whose scope and functionality is detailed in the following paragraphs.

Transient cookies (see paragraph 2)

Persistent cookies (see paragraph 3)

Transient cookies are automatically deleted when you close your browser. They are used particularly as session cookies. These save a so-called “session ID” which is used to link subsequent requests made by your browser to each other. Through this, your computer can be recognised when you return to our website. These session cookies are deleted, when you log out, or close your browser.

Persistent cookies are only deleted after a predetermined duration, which can be different for each cookie. You can delete these persistent cookies anytime, though the “Settings” configuration of your browser. We advise you, that if you do so, that not all functionality of this website will be available.

The placement of cookies on your computer can be prevented through the relevant settings of your internet browser. Previously set cookies can also be deleted through the settings of your browser. We advise you that preventing the placement of cookies on your computer can mean that not all functionality of our website are available without limitations.

Website Registration

The data subject can register on the website. For this to take place, it is required that the data subject enter their details in the “Sign Up” form. The data given by the data subject to register will solely be used for registration, and not passed to any third parties unless Changelogfy has a lawful ground to do so. . In the course of registration on our website, your IP address, date and time of access will be recorded, in order to prevent any potential misuse. During, or after the registration, the data subject is free to alter their personal data. It is also possible for the data subject to completely cancel their registration, so that all personal data is deleted.

Changelogfy uses to notify users of new features in our product. We also use to manage information about our customers and leads.

Personally identifiable information, including name, email address, phone number and location & country is submitted to’s servers and saved there when a user chooses to sign up to the Changelogfy Application, to sign up for an event hosted or sponsored by Changelogfy, or to subscribe to notifications about new product features and other information from Changelogfy.

The option to subscribe to notification is made possible through the use of JavaScript and cookies. Information obtained via the cookies and / or the JavaScript widget, including IP address, browser version, OS version, activity data, usage information, transaction information and plan details is transferred to’s servers and saved there.

Other information, including IP address, browser & OS version, and timestamps, is submitted to when a user loads resources embedded in, or a link contained an email sent through

The analyses of your actions on our website and with the notifications sent through is transferred to us in the form of reports. Crisp may give any of your information to further parties where legally required to do so, or these parties are contracted to by Crisp.

You can find further information about Crisp data processing and data protection at:


Changelogfy Ltd uses Stripe to process payments for some of our existing customers and provide billing information to these customers.

The responsible entity is:

Stripe, Inc

185 Berry Street,

Suite 550,

San Francisco, CA 94107

For those existing customers who are billed with Stripe or Recurly, the following data is

sent, and stored by Stripe:

If you sign up to a paid Changelogfy subscription, the following data will be sent to

Stripe, and saved by them:

Your name and email address

Details of your payment method (credit card number, expiry date, CVC)

Your IP address, and the time and date of your transaction

If you wish to avoid sending your data to Stripe, you can do so by not signing up for a paid Changelogfy plan. If you do so however, your ability to use Changelogfy’s functions could be severely reduced.

You may find further information about Stripe’s data processing and data protection here:

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Changelogfy reserves the right to update this Privacy Policy from time to time without notice. Any changes are effective when we post the updated Policy on our website. We recommend that you regularly check back. We may provide you with notices about changes to this Privacy Policy if you are a registered user of the Changelogfy Application.


Should you have further questions, or wish to make contact with us, you can do so though our website at When you do so, the data required to answer your query will be automatically saved and processed. Your data will not be transferred to third parties unless Changelogfy has a lawful ground to do so.

Deletion of Personal Data

Changelogfy Ltd only keeps and processes personal data for so long as it is necessary. When the purpose of the data processing has been fulfilled, your personal data will be deleted in accordance with our data retention policy, unless we are legally required to retain it.

Legal Basis for Processing Personh2l Data

In order to process personal data, a lawful ground must exist. A number of permitted grounds for processing are enumerated in Article 6 of the GDPR.

One ground for the processing of personal data is Article 6, Paragraph 1(a) of the GDPR, which is the freely given consent of the data subject to do so. This consent is bound to a particular purpose. A second ground for the processing of personal data is in order to fulfil the requirements of a contract, as specified in Article 6, Paragraph 1(b) of the GDPR. However, this clause must be understood to include the initiation of a commercial relationship with the corresponding data processing. This ground applies to Changelogfy Ltd, in the case that the user uses our contact form or contacts our Success or Sales team using any other means to obtain an non-binding quotation. Article 6, Paragraph 1© of the GDPR permits the processing of personal data where a legal requirement to do so exists. Article 6, paragraph 1(d) permits the processing of personal data in exceptional circumstances, where doing so is necessary to protect the vital interests of the data subject. This ground is relevant to Changelogfy Ltd’s data processing, where Changelogfy Ltd, or at a Changelogfy Ltd event, may have to provide personal data to emergency services - such as name, contact details or health insurance - in order to prevent or treat an injury or other damage to health. It is also possible that personal data will be processed on the basis of Article 6, paragraph 1(f) of the GDPR. This is the so-called “legitimate interests” ground, which is interpreted with reference to Recital 47 of the GDPR. The GDPR treats this ground in the sense of a “fallback ground”, which only applies where no other previously listed lawful ground for processing does. When this ground is relied upon, an assessment must carefully weigh the legitimate interests of the data subject against the legitimate interests of the data controller.

Your Rights

You have the following rights concerning your personal data:

The right to access your personal data

The right to correct or delete your personal data

The right to restrict processing of your personal data

The right to object to the processing of your personal data

The right to data portability

The right to confirm whether your personal data is being processed or not.

If you have given your consent to the processing of your personal data, you can withdraw this consent at any time. Such a withdrawal of consent will only affect the processing of your data after it is given.

Should we continue to process your personal data because we assess our legitimate interests to do so outweigh your legitimate interests (per Article 6, paragraph 1(f) of the GDPR) you may object to this processing. This is only applicable in the case where the processing of personal data is not required in order for us to fulfil a contract with you. To exercise such an objection, we request that you detail the grounds based on which we should no longer process your personal data. We will check the details of your circumstances based on the grounds you provide, and either stop processing your personal data, or detail to you the legal basis on which we continue to process your personal data.

Additionally, you always have the right to make a complaint to the relevant authorities regarding our processing of your personal data.

How you can exercise your rights

Should you wish to exercise any of these rights, you will need to provide proof of identification that you are the person to whom the data relates. The data you will receive includes data we have related to you, the source of that data, the recipients, or types of recipients to whom the data was transferred, and the purposes for which the data was stored. To exercise these rights, please contact our data protection officer named in the beginning of this document.

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