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Why choose Changelogfy?

With Changelogfy, you do not pay for a simple changelog tool, you get more features and customizations when compared to a Nolt.Io. Here, you offer more ways for users to say what they want and collect user feedback on organized boards.

We believe that you deserve more, so now you can build a roadmap with votes and ranking scores to know which requests and ideas are most wished by customers, at no additional cost.

You see that difference when discovering just one space to collect user feedback in the Nolt.Io widget. In our widget, you get three spaces to expand the user experience to be heard.


$59 a month

Not flexible plans

$49 a month

Plan options according your demand

Here your users are not limited to just interacting with your team, they can comment, vote, react, interact and even create new threads between themselves! This experience will change the way you collect user feedback, organize a roadmap in constantly building, promote engagement with what users want and make it easier to work with your team.

All this limitations are features and possibilities that Nolt.Io don’t give to you, what makes Changelogfy naturally the best alternative to use.

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Eye-Catching In-App Widget

Just Changelogfy was the most complete In-App Widget that you will find. With three tabs, our tools Roadmap, Changelog and user feedback board are organized in a way that the user will learn to move easily and fast. No need to leave your product for nothing.

Let customers see how features are easy and efficient and feel how much you care about them.

Eye-Catching Changelog In-App Widget

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Clear and efficient Interface

Looking at Nolt.Io, you see their onboarding process is time-consuming and complicated. Existing long learning windows, and spending this time just to learn how to use a tool isn’t nice, on Changelogfy we have a clear and intuitive interface, you own the tool in a short time, in addition to being a much prettier interface.

Voting tool

Pay less for more features!

Here we give our customers the most complete toolkit possible. Compared to Nolt.Io, Changelogfy is a better alternative when dealing with providing more possibilities, we are not just a simple changelog tool, the plans include a roadmap and feedback board too, at the same price offered by Nolt.Io.

Product Roadmap

Features you won't find at Nolt...

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Plan options according your demand

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Free Plan

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Intuitive Interface

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In-ap Widget with Feedback Collection, Roadmap and Changelog

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User segmentation

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User tracking

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