And, as we have already brought here, the coronavirus pandemic continues to force many companies to keep their staff working remotely. In this adaptation phase, where many professionals are far from the professional environment and allocated remotely, it is important to have an extra hand. Technology has been a real ally to optimize the activities and productivity of the team in the digital office, as well as maintaining the relationship with customers.

Share files, keep everyone on the team updated on new and ongoing projects, meetings by videoconferences, manage tasks and delivery flow, among other essential actions for the company's day-to-day activities. All of this is possible.

We have listed 10 apps that make life easier for those who work from home.

1- Toggl

Let's start with an application that is a real partner in the most difficult task for those who are not used to working at home: is Toggl. It monitors either the time it takes you to complete each project, including providing reports and graphs of the time you spend on each one, or the assistant you manage your time or your team. Free for Android and IOS, just activate the application to start each job.

2- Trello

Can't you imagine how you can monitor team tasks, results and meet deadlines? Trello is a simple application to use and define the age in a collaborative way, where it is possible to include and track the status (for example - make / approve / completed) all company projects, customize the workflow, edit the executed items for each stage, make comments and stipulated deadlines. Free for Android and IOS, it can also be used on the PC. It is worth mentioning that it is compatible with other applications, such as Google Drive, Dropbox and Canva.

3- Workplace

And, why not use one of the most famous social networks in favor of the company's communication? A Facebook product, Workplace allows you to connect all company employees, be it features like chats, meetings and live broadcasts or to create interest groups. It is possible to maintain a corporate feed, where employees can follow the company's news. Available in the online version, the application that gives rights to groups and links users, in addition to 5 GB of file storage.

4- Google Hangouts

An essential application for those who work at home office. Google Hangouts Meets allows you to keep up to date with a team through video conference meetings, text messages and calls. A facilitator who, being free, is infinitely more economical. Can you imagine if your team has people outside the country? In this sense, another application available is Skype, which offers the same actions and, like its competitor, is free and can record meals, share screens and choose between video or voice. Both are used with Android and IOS.

5 — Changelogfy

Some applications can facilitate your work, but efficient and constant communication is essential to keep the recording, either with the team or with the customers. An alternative to keep this communication channel always activated or on Changelogfy. In an intuitive way, it is possible to share every update of the product and service with the whole team, especially with the professionals who work with the SaaS system. How teams can be organized by subjects and interests, where they will be automatically notified whenever something is updated, or guarantee - even in a remote environment - to bring together all development professionals, as well as bosses and customers. An excellent option for hiring teams, compiling data and producing better. Changelogfy still contains integration with Slack, another application widely used in companies that brings together the team's communication.

6 — We Transfer

This application is ideal for those who work with heavy files. Easy to use, We Transfer allows you to compress and share documents, photos, videos, presentations, among others. The main service - transfer - is free and you can choose to create a link and send it to destination emails or download it on the platform itself.

7 — BRy Cloud

If you're at home, but need an important signature to get on with the job, don't despair! BRy Cloud is an electronic or digital subscription service. For this, the platform stores digital certificates, as if it were an identification such as CNPJ or CPF, allowing a rubric to be made using different devices, such as smartphone, tablet or PC. A free version allows a limited number of registrations.

8 — Google Drive

This is certainly one of the most popular apps, especially for those who work at home. It allows you to create and share documents in different formats - Word, Excel, Power Point and even image files - and share with other people of interest. In this case, you can select the actions and permissions for each user, such as reading or editing. With a free version - 15 GB of storage capacity - it is compatible and can be accessed on different devices. From the same company, Dropbox is also a great option for storing files with 2 GB and options for printing plans.

9 - Evernote

Have you heard that many people can only organize a visual experience? Therefore, the use of calendars, blocking notes and drafts, often useful to make the main tasks of the day. But, if you want to take a look at that organization, the Evernote app is the right choice. It works as an information manager, where it is possible to take notes, post thoughts, create lists and reminders, save photos, among others, and most importantly: allows you to access your documents in real time and where they are stored, all items synchronized devices . Available for Android and IOS, it can be accessed by your PC.

10 - Logmein

Speaking of accessing anywhere. Imagine going to the market and remembering that you forgot to send that important email? At that point, you can install Logmein - compatible with Android and IOS - it will be much easier. The application allows you to send files saved on your computer remotely. In that case, it connects to your desktop and gives you access to all your files.

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