B2B SaaS Marketing: best strategy to inspire you

Marketing focused on B2B SaaS is one of the hardest to build, in this article you will learn step-by-step how to build your B2B SaaS marketing strategy.

B2B SaaS Marketing: best strategy to inspire you

The SaaS marketing strategy is what your team will create, focusing on creating the right experience to sell.

As opposed to selling to the general public, b2b marketing strategy requires different ideas.

You are not selling service to a final customer, you are selling a service to a company, you are selling an experience that your SaaS service will save the customer from a problem or generate more revenue.

What makes this form of marketing more complex than customer marketing

Take note: B2B marketing strategy is not a B2C marketing strategy.

For those who don't sell

Think about who your client is.

Publish content on your website or blog for Google to index it without any content marketing strategy, you will attract random people like unqualified leads to your business.

For example, a SaaS communication and update tool like Changelogfy does not make articles for users who want to improve their relationship with internet platforms.

In fact, even with the improvement in communication between the user and the company being one of the strengths that the SaaS tool promotes, the focus of the articles should be on the team that works on the service.

Ordinary users will never buy from you, the company will!

How to make it work? B2B SaaS Marketing

Identify your audience

The first step is to identify who your audience is. A social network like Instagram has millions of users, free services, but the real customers of this business are companies, digital influencers, and other rival organizations.

What does your company sell and who does it sell to?

Define who your target audience is, know where to find them. Consuming cat videos on Instagram or discussion forums about best business practices? As for a SaaS business, knowing how to search for customers is essential.

SaaS users: the ‘thermometer’ of your business!

Persona: Customer language

Now that you've discovered your customer, you need to understand how they communicate. A gossip blog speaks differently than a sales site.

In the case of B2B marketing, the target audience is young people and adults who use unique terms from each area. A SaaS business offers an organization tool, uses words and themes that cover this area.

For example:

Team organization.
Improve group productivity.
Burnout syndrome

Every SaaS tool your company offers will have many different themes to attract new buyers.

Marketing Strategy

What is a marketing strategy? All the knowledge acquired, put into practice, defined for whom, and when will you and your SaaS company appear. It is the service that wins and retains that potential customer. A marketing strategy template

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How Customers find you

Understanding the customer and how he communicates is insufficient. You need to be found.

The best way to get new buyers for your SaaS service is to show up at the right place. The company will look for its tool out of necessity, or just find it amid valuable information, on Google.

Are you there? You need to be there!

A business doesn't need to invest money to get these customers, study a little about SEO and analyze how their competitors work to be on the first page of Google, a way to boost their business.

Value information

The sales model also differs when it comes to B2B customers, a more demanding audience.

Users value when buying a SaaS product or service for the information they receive, quality information, when acquired and put into practice, generate real results.

Does your service focus on managing healthcare professionals' agendas? Write articles about organizing patients. Have a more humanized communication, retaining each patient to continue treatment with this professional.

Do you sell a SaaS productivity enhancement tool? Create tutorials and videos teaching how to use it, demonstrate real situations, and how to make your client's life easier.

Have a live chat!

Have live chat and help keep your user always faithful. Professionals' busy lives motivate them to look for SaaS companies to make their lives easier.

Direct communication with the tool's team brings the customer closer to the company, creates a relationship of trust, and that whatever problem your buyer has, you'll solve it!

Be a continuous SaaS solution

Being a SaaS solution works for a while, but it has an expiration date. Today, companies on the web need to be transparent about their solutions and continue to improve the tool.

Be a continuous SaaS solution, bug fixes, adding new tools, improving the platform, always with user feedback.

Use a changelog tool to make this experience possible, like Changelogfy, which is a tool that includes a news feed, user interaction with updates, periodic email, a user tracking system on what the team is working on to improve. on your platform, data analysis, user segmentation, and much more.

Are so many advantages of having and keeping you changelog always up to date!

With Changelogfy, your current user base's engagement will grow 11x and new customer retention will also increase!

Realistic customer review

The last and most important point in the B2B buyer's final decision: the customer rating.

After obtaining valuable information, identifying with the SaaS company's communication, and believing that its team is working hard to always bring the best user experience, the decision to buy will rely on the evaluations.

Users like to have their say on anything, to help other people if they really need a new tool or just a throwaway tool.

Ask your users to give realistic reviews, without lying or exaggerating. To build trust, even a negative review can attract new buyers.

Have you put this valuable information to work?