Unlike some sectors, the path to winning and maintaining a basic SaaS customer is longer and requires constant, if not surgical, monitoring and analysis of your usability experience. This makes the SaaS sales process more strategic and complex, since this user has different offers that provide practical and effective solutions to their current demands.

Therefore, in addition to a lot of research and agility to adapt projects according to the needs of these consumers, it is necessary to go further and surprise them. But how !? Follow our article of the week and discover some useful tips to keep your SaaS customer always engaged and boost your sales. Good reading!

Keep 'chat up to date'

Yes, it is essential to set goals for the team to keep this relationship always 'hot' and keep up to date with the client, after all, as we have already talked about here a few times (read more “Feedback: Why should I listen to my client?”) feedback on your SaaS products and / or services is strategic when making updates or scheduling new projects. Invest in the opinion of your customers!

"Participative" management

We don't want you to decide every step of your company in a collective meeting with all your consumers, but when it comes to offering a SaaS product and / or service that makes a difference in your target customer's current items, he is the one who will give direction on what is needed or not to leverage your sales. For this, you can use different communication platforms, one of the most used paths when it comes to SaaS is to create a changelog, which allows a real-time exchange of version and note updates, in addition to showing the customer the implementation of feedbacks issued, a way to demonstrate the importance that his opinion has for the business, thus bringing him closer to the company.

Put it into practice

Speaking of feedback, the advantages of having a changelog go far beyond streamlining this communication process between your development team and your consumers. Among other features, the system maintains a user reaction report in relation to the usage experience with the releases or updates, that is, from the moment you obtain this information and practical placements, this is a great market differential, especially in an industry where competition is always knocking on our door. In other words, a team can more systematically build a strategic plan on how to increase the involvement of its consumer base and, thus, improve the performance of products and / or services.

Leave Changelogfy to help!

Changelogfy is a complete system that provides a better user experience with your SaaS product and / or service, as a tool helps to keep communication always active, simply and effectively. The software also allows you to keep your user up to date on the work of your team, strengthening the relationship and, thus, always leaving them around, an important factor in customer retention. In addition, with each version update and product notes, it is possible to obtain reports of reactions and feedbacks, an effective information so that your team has data capable of creating a behavioral map from the customers that most interact to the inactive, the rotation of cancellations .

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