Keep the team up to date on updates made by developers - from the simplest to the most complex; increase the engagement of your SaaS product or service; and attract new users, retaining current customers. These are some of the advantages of maintaining a changelog, which has become an increasingly effective tool for communication, and an ally to streamline processes. To help you understand better, we have listed below the main ways you can use the system. Good reading:

Increase productivity

Fast and assertive communication is certainly the secret to maintaining the productivity of your team, either with internal employees, or to strengthen the relationship with employees who work remotely. In this sense, Changelogfy can be used to communicate to your internal team about product and / or service updates. Allied to the Slack system, the tool streamlines the communication processes between the teams and allows the sharing of internal version notes updates, including, making it possible to segment according to the interests of each user - marketing, commercial, technical area and products, and addition to of the company's heads.

An example is Namecheap, a company that has employees across the European continent and that uses the changelog for its employees to keep up to date on new versions of the product. A strategy that works!

Customer loyalty

It is important to share with your customers that the product team is continuously working for them and, most importantly, to include them in the evolution of these products and services, giving voice to their opinions. Changelogfy allows you to easily and quickly share news and updates, which allows you to strengthen the relationship with your users and thus earn their loyalty, an important factor in retaining consumers. After all, it makes a difference that they can follow the updates and have the perception that the feature requested to be developed is in the process of being implemented.

Greater engagement

Through the updates widget you can increase your product / website / e-commerce engagement with your customer. With Changelogfy you can always notify your customers when they have an update, which can give feedback (with 'emotion' emojis - like, dislike, for example), in addition to having the option to include comments, where you can suggest improvements, warn of bugs or give praise or criticism. The tool maintains an updated report of user feedbacks, which makes it possible to detect key customers and, thus, create loyalty and prospecting actions, as well as act on those who do not interact, aiming at greater engagement.

Interaction trigger

In addition to all uses within the system itself, the changelog also allows you to have the option of using other 'triggers' of interactions 'outside the tool', that is, with each new update you can send an email to your base, a push or other available communications actions, all to help increase engagement with new product / service registrations and versions.

Changelogfy's goal is to add value to SaaS companies, products and services. Create your changelog for free now.

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