Customer opinion: how to use to target your SaaS product and / or service?

Customer opinion: how to use to target your SaaS product and / or service?

It is true that lately we are talking a lot about the customer-product relationship, but this has a very simple explanation: he is the one who pays the bills. So, our goal is to bring necessary tools and knowledge in order to help you maintain a sustainable business and always aligned with the current market demand, which drives the user at the top of the priorities.

In this article we will highlight a step by step on how to use the opinion of your customers in directing your SaaS product and / or service, bringing intelligence and strategy in business planning in the short, medium and long terms. Good reading!

1. Stop and listen

Having an assertive service goes far beyond simply asking 'how can I help'. The way you interact is a determining factor if the subject is to transform the user into a defender of your brand, that is, a person who, in addition to consuming your products, discloses and generates new leads. How dedicated are your employees to listening to consumer opinions? This has become a watershed between succeeding or failing, and in the SaaS universe's business it is no different.

2. Free tasting

Staying the description for hours about the possibilities and benefits that your project offers to someone may not generate the same result as making a 'test-drive' of the software available for a specified period, free of charge. This is a very efficient prospecting strategy and, in addition to gaining new users, can help you test pilot projects with a certain group or even as a way to have quick and assertive feedback in the pre-launch of future projects.

3. Invest in the customer's opinion

The market has different tools to help this approach with users, from research, evaluations, applications and software, such as, for example, creating a changelog, which presents reports in real time with the opinions of all customers or groups of users, allowing ranking and, consequently, personalizing your communication and project 'menu', thus optimizing your sales. The software also offers to personalize notifications, creating similar audiences, which helps to map reactions and emotions - emojis. We don't even need to say how much this is a differentiator when talking to your audience, right?

4. Customize your projects

By now you have understood how important it is to learn to listen and systematize the opinions of users. From now on it is knowing how to use this information in targeting your business. In other words, to deliver to the customer a product and / or service that is flexible and fits their needs. We know that it is impossible to please ‘Greeks and Trojans’, so it is important to quantify and qualify your target, investing in your favorites and demands, which makes it possible to offer practical and efficient solutions.

All of this will indicate if you are on the right path or even outline the next steps to retain and win new leads.

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