Don't ignore user feedback!

This consideration is very important for those who consume and most important for those who sell and offer the service, so you can't ignore never a user feedback!

Don't ignore user feedback!
User Feedback

In recent years, the user's way relate with companies has changed. As an increase in the number of people connected to the internet, consuming information, and exchanging experiences with other users, their demand to be heard has become more necessary.

Before companies launched their products and services and took long periods to test and see if it would please the consumer market, today everything is different.

Ease and speed, the internet has measured the adherence and satisfaction of users of service happens in a short time. Mainly because every people now makes a point of giving their feedback about their experience on the service or platform in order to be heard and considered

This consideration is very important for those who consume and important for those who sell and offer the service.

Don't waste time

However, don't think about answering each feedback and implementing each new function to your tool just because consumers are asking for it, you need to think about, analyze, evaluate what can or cannot be implemented and what doesn't really make a difference in the feedback delivered.

Just doing everything without analyzing and evaluating beforehand will waste time and money, and it is very likely that you will not get the return desired by either party.

User giving your positive feedback

The importance of customer feedback for business success

Feedback is great to help

User feedback is of great help, but not all of them will be beneficial, some will just make you waste time, money, and productivity. Your customers appreciate your communication much more with what they report and suggest, than what will actually be implemented in the service or product.

Focus on making it clear which user was heard, respond to feedback, whether it's good or bad. Never ignore them, it will only drive the user away from you.

Feedbacks are more user questions or problems to be resolved. And when solving the customer's demand, you will have the final feedback of that specific moment. Remember: feedback is not the end of the assessment, it is part of the assessment process.

The evaluation that each customer makes about you and your company is constant, never stops, and changes easily.

It's a User Gift

The user thinks he is doing you a favor by telling you how he feels and by making comments, you can be sure he is doing you a great favor!

Not all comments have relevant importance, many of these feedbacks will be lost in time, without the interest of the user who reported it. Making it disposable fast.

Now that you know. Let's understand together how to consider, analyze and discard each feedback without the user feeling ignored.

Feedback is a strategy turn user loyal

How to deal?

Efficient Communication

The first step is to communicate efficiently with your user community. Don't keep him waiting too long, try to be as fast as possible. Build a relationship of trust with the user, show that you are there for what they need.

Product Updates

Frequent updating is the best way to always communicate with your customers, always communicating what is being fixed, what's new next, what changes are made every week. Show that your team is there working hard to deliver the best user experience and service.

Always let them know what's going on, bugs fixed, improvements, new additions.

Promote user interaction

User giving your negative feedback

User interaction with the SaaS tool, in particular, is very powerful because it brings users closer to the platform and makes all the communication between users and suppliers easier. Whether through votes, emoji interactions, and even comments between them, that are visible for your team to understand what's going on in the community's mind.

Feedback: Why should I listen to my customer?

Evaluate common feedback

Many of the feedback was lost due to lack of importance over time, others will grow and gain strength due to the high demand of the community. Evaluate what are the common demands of users, which appear most in feedback, whether individual or in interaction with updates.

You appreciate most of the community by providing your requirements and at the same time, demonstrating to other users who haven't had their demands met there yet, that you are indeed working and listening to each of the users.

So you learn how to show your users that they are heard, that they matter.

It also improves the way in which feedback is understood and makes the most of all the power they have to transform your tool, retain those who are already using it, and constantly grow.