The importance of customer feedback for business success

The importance of customer feedback
for business success

We recently talked about the importance of having and monitoring key indicators for the success of your SaaS product and / or service - read more ‘Find out what the main SaaS metrics are’, among which we highlight the loyalty of people in your base. Today we are going to say that before that there is an essential process to achieve this goal: knowing who your customer is and what they think. In other words, how much does your team take user feedback into account when implementing improvements or even prospecting new customers?

This is undoubtedly a 'game changer' when it comes to maintaining a sustainable and successful business. Therefore, we will bring in this post tips on the importance of customer feedback for the company and how to use these opinions as a tool to improve business performance and, of course, gain new leads. Come on?!

The customer who sets the rules

Do you keep a report of your customers' opinions? Do you know what preferences, priorities, doubts, difficulties or problems they face? Large companies, especially those that work with SaaS, have already understood that it is useless to form a team of specialists and create state-of-the-art methods and technologies if the deliveries of their projects are not aligned with the needs and expectations of their users, that is, software that facilitates their daily lives and resolves issues around their interests.

In this case, the question that needs an assertive answer is: how satisfied are your customers with the deliveries made by your team? To help monitor the level of 'happiness' of these consumers daily and in real time, our suggestion is to keep a changelog always up to date, such as, for example, the Changelogfy platform, which allows us to obtain a feedback report, making it possible to detect key customers and , thus, creating strategies to form a base of brand ambassadors, as well as more incisive actions for the mailing of people who do not interact, aiming at greater engagement. The software also allows to personalize notifications, creating similar audiences, helping to map reactions and emotions - emojis.

Project under custom

From the moment that your company has a document that brings users' opinions, it can use these feedbacks in the evolution of products and services, which will strengthen this relationship, creating a more positive experience, as they will feel valued and feel part of integral in the realization of a tailor-made project.

Changelogfy has a platform where its collaborators share each update and collect opinions and suggestions from users, in an organized way, facilitating the process of understanding their team.

Your users can still suggest and or vote for new features, so your company can align development to customer demand.

Undoubtedly, this is a competitive advantage that will help keep users satisfied and, consequently, loyal to your brand.

About Changelogfy


Changelogfy is a complete system that provides a better user experience with your SaaS product and / or service, as a tool helps to keep communication always active, simply and effectively. The tool allows you to keep your user up to date on the work of your team, strengthening the relationship and, thus, always leaving you close by, an important factor in customer retention. In addition, with each version update and product notes, it is possible to obtain reaction and feedback reports, effective information so that your team has data capable of creating a behavioral map from the customers who most interact to the inactive ones, the rotation of cancellations .

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