What is product marketing?

What is product marketing?

As one of the leading names in the marketing world has already said, Philip Kotler: "winning a new customer costs 5 to 7 times more than keeping a current one". And, when we fail in the important task - keeping customers engaged in the SaaS product and / or service -, or in product marketing, it plays a fundamental role, being one of the main aspects of marketing.

Of course, it is essential to have continuous actions that allow you to acquire new leads, however, as we have already mentioned a few times here - see 'How to increase user engagement in your product' - it is very important to invest in retaining your current customers, especially the SaaS universe, where performance is limited to an online forum.

But, after all, what is product marketing and how can it use it in your business? In a succinct way, it is an area that acts from the development to the launch of the brand / product / service, making a link between product teams, sales and relationship marketing, the latter responsible for presenting and involving customers with after-sales actions , that is, following an evolution and market demand.

See 3 objectives for an efficient SaaS Product Marketing strategy:

1. Present the product differentials

The first role of product marketing is mapped to customers and, therefore, design a product / service according to the needs of this market. But, it is only the beginning. The marketing of the product seen presents, teaches and makes customers get involved with the product, and, for that, it needs to be effective and show its differentials, creating in the consumer the perception of value. Before launch, the trader should ask:

'How can this product / service interact effectively in my consumer's daily life?'

2. Users involved:

No SaaS segment or business success lies in keeping the customer up to date, encouraging their participation and listening to their feedback. In this sense, changelogfy is a great tool used by many product marketers, as it helps to get to know users, to understand the main expectations and to use. Traditional forms of communication such as e-mail, direct mail, text messages or even content blogs are important, but nothing else comes close to the customers who made a personalized 'conversation'. Changelogfy works in this niche, allowing you to share information intelligently, improving the experience and, consequently, the continuous growth of engagement.

3. Brand ambassadors

Make the customer feel valued. An assertive communication adopted by product marketing is in the equation 'be heard and heard'. If the consumer has a perception that he plays a relevant role in the development and evolution of the product and / or creates a bond with a brand that goes beyond the amount paid monthly, he becomes an ambassador of the brand, where he indicates other people, none famous word of mouth marketing. A Changelogfy allows you to strengthen the relationship with your users and thus earn their loyalty, an important factor in retaining consumers.

And, don't forget: always be connected with your customers! Did you like the subject? Click here and receive more information about a Changelogfy. Create your changelog for free now.