Home office: how to create successful teams remotely?

Home office: how to create successful teams remotely?

One thing is certain: the world will never be the same after Covid-19. And in the corporate environment it is not being different, since many companies had to adopt the home office model overnight, in most cases without prior planning, especially when it comes to remote team management.

In this scenario, we have observed, on the one hand, employees, who had no experience working remotely and need to self-manage the time between the professional journey - with their deadlines and deliveries - and the new routine at home, which was also drastically impacted, not to mention the emotional side, shaken by this unprecedented crisis. On the other hand, there are leaders, who are used to face-to-face management and need to keep the team motivated and engaged, dealing with the challenge of conducting work virtually.

But calm down, yes, it is possible to create a successful team at a distance! Many companies have already adapted and implemented new remote management strategies focused on productivity, which we can call a technological revolution in the corporate universe. But how?

Communicate well

Among the many challenges faced to manage and maintain a motivated team is internal communication, especially in some segments that have a speed of information, such as the companies that work with SaaS, which needs agile and effective processes when it comes to the subject. is to keep your employees corporate and firm on project updates, executives keep customers clear about the evolution of their products and services.

Creating an effective and concise line of communication even at a distance is essential for the sustainability of the business as a whole. Although this reality is new for many businesses, it is necessary to be quick to adopt technological mechanisms for remote management, especially when the objective is to have a successful time.

Changelog: the best tool to keep your team connected

To avoid setbacks or noise in the communication between employees, many companies have adopted the changelog solution, a system that streamlines and sustains the entire communication process between teams, allowing the sharing of internal version notes updates, being able to segment according to different users and interests - marketing, commercial, technical area and company leaders.

In a simple and quick way, Changelogfy is today an option of integration tool, which, together with the Slack system, helps to divide and all the team's actions, in this case, whenever someone changes, updates or starts a new project, automatically as the parties involved will not be affected and act simultaneously in the evolution of the project, which will ensure greater engagement, even in a remote environment.

About Changelogfy


Changelogfy is a complete system that provides a better user experience with your SaaS product and / or service, as a tool helps to keep communication always active, simply and effectively. The tool allows you to keep your user up to date on the work of your team, strengthening the relationship and, thus, always leaving them around, an important factor in customer retention. In addition, with each version update and product notes, it is possible to obtain reaction and feedback reports, effective information so that your team has data capable of creating a behavioral map from the customers who most interact to the inactive, the rotation of cancellations .

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