How to differentiate a SaaS product from the competition

How to differentiate a SaaS product from the competition

When it comes to optimizing product and service processes in the online universe, IT specialists are already thinking about SaaS - Software as a Service, a solution that offers a number of advantages compared to traditional software, which requires large storage spaces , high investments with the payment of licenses, updates and constant maintenance. It is no wonder that competition between SaaS has been growing at an accelerated rate in recent years.


Many companies are implementing this system that brings, in addition to a lower investment cost, operational benefits such as accessing it from anywhere or device (cell phone, computer, tablet etc.), since it is hosted on a cloud, just be connected to the internet . In this SaaS model, updates are made automatically, the service can be further customized to the customer's needs and intelligently integrated with other existing systems.

All of this provides more practicality, agility and usability, and, consequently, greater competitiveness.


Searching for alternatives to position yourself among the first placed in customer preference is important, in fact, essential for the success of your business. Let's mention three strategic steps that can help you:

  • Target market: how is your competitor acting and what are your differentials? It is important to monitor competitors to track their presence in the market, determining an action plan and innovation in the acquisition and retention of leads.
  • Customers: Who are your customers? What are your main preferences, what time are they online, what content do they consume, where do they live, age, gender? These traits are the main characteristics of your "persona".
  • Communication: from the moment you identify the persona - your potential customers - you will be able to direct your communication, targeting one, two and even three different groups. For example: if your target audience is mostly men, 25-35 years old, Brazilians, who access the internet between 10:00 pm and 02:00 am and enjoy electronic music, you need to personalize the content for this person.

It is worth mentioning that wanting to reach all profiles at once and with the same communication does not bring relevance and involvement, taking into account that people are impacted daily by different topics and in different ways.

  • Engagement: Now that you know about the importance of knowing the market, your audience and the importance of segmented communication that adds value, the next step is to engage with your users. To strengthen relationships with users, it is important to offer content and quality on different platforms, such as websites, social networks, blogs, and then, and, most importantly, include updates and news about your products.

In an intelligent and intuitive way, Changelogfy offers a solution that allows its users to be always connected to the latest news and updates of their products, allowing the retention and increase of leads. This tool bridges the gap between you and your customers, targeting your news and what and how you want them to know and interact with them.

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