Internal communication in SaaS: what is the correct method for effective communication?

Internal communication in SaaS: what is the correct method for effective communication?

We have talked a lot about the importance of having an assertive communication, not only with customers, but among company employees, who, in most cases, work as a 'combustion' for the growth and success of the business, especially in the SaaS universe , which has a great speed of information and changes. For this, keeping everyone on the same page is synonymous with satisfied customers and updated on the continuous work carried out in the evolution of their projects.
It is at this moment that the internal communicator is vital, having as its main characteristic being a private channel for disclosing to the internal team guidance on the company, the work and relevant information, being a strategic tool for business continuity. Currently we have different ways of making this communication, from the most traditional ones - corporate newspaper, printed or virtual newsletter, newsletter, mural and intranet - to the most technological ones - such as applications and software, which work as information management systems, as they allow monitor delivery and assess the perception of people who receive internal communications.

But, which method is the most effective to integrate the team?

Like the traditional ways we talked about above, sending e-mail is still the official channel for internal communication, but it does not allow real-time monitoring, with indicators ranging from the opening of the e-mail to assess whether the content was readable and achieved the proposed objective, after all, a communication failure can generate many setbacks, including damaging the relationship with customers. In this case, the software becomes much more effective, as they are much more agile internal communicators and make it possible to plan who, when, how and what will communicate, which brings much more results.

Change log: used as an internal communicator

An example is a software and product release notes tool, a Changelogfy, which allows improving communication along with internal time, optimizing information processes and, of course, bringing the solution to a continuous understanding and monitoring of project updates. The system is a true ally to keep employees engaged, in a planned manner and with well-defined objectives. See below the main benefits of this tool:

Plan: create a communication methodology, defining periodicity, degree of research, types of access by hierarchy, filters, responses, among others. Integrated with the Slack system, a change in streamlining communication processes between teams, making it possible to schedule and monitor the entire process through a timeline that is easy to access and integrate.

Segment: it is possible to update the team on possible adjustments, new projects or next steps in a segmented manner and according to the interests of each user - marketing, commercial, technical area etc., in addition to the heads of the company.

Integrate: with an easy and fast process, whenever someone inserts a new item automatically as the specific parts will be notified, which increases productivity and, consequently, improves results.

Follow up: You can create delivery and response reports, a way to have real-time feedback on the team's understanding of what was sent / requested. And, if anyone has doubts, it is possible to open a discussion in the virtual field, avoiding several face-to-face meetings and offering more agility to the process.

About Changelogfy


Changelogfy is a complete system that provides a better user experience with your SaaS product and / or service, as a tool helps to keep communication always active, simply and effectively. The tool allows you to keep your user up to date on the work of your team, strengthening the relationship and, thus, always leaving them nearby, an important factor in retaining consumers. In addition, with each version update and product notes, it is possible to obtain reaction and feedback reports, effective information so that your team has data capable of creating a behavioral map from the customers who most interact to the inactive, the rotation of cancellations .

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