Landing page: tips to turn users into future customers

Landing page:  tips to turn users into future customers

Today we have different options to set up a digital marketing strategy aiming to draw the attention of users and, of course, prospect new customers, especially when it comes to a business that operates only in the online universe, as is the case with products and services companies SaaS. In this context, landing pages, destination pages widely used in digital campaigns, have the main objective of bringing visitors to the site and, with this, increase lead generation, since they have a high conversion rate.

To help create performance landing pages, we’ve listed in this article 4 essential steps to winning over key customers. Find out right now in the text below and have a good reading!

1. Set the type of landing page

In general, the goal of a landing page is to positively provoke users by promoting an action, whether it is clicking on a link, filling out a registration or creating a teaser making the potential customer contact the company.

However, it is worth mentioning that there are specific models and that they must be aligned with the consumer's moment in the sales funnel of an online campaign, among the main ones are: promotion page (which brings all information, including a regulation, of a promotional action) and / or seasonal); form page (which aims to gather key information from potential customers, such as name, phone and email); e-mail marketing (in this case they can be those pending confirmation pages, guiding the client on the next steps); and the thank you page (which usually brings more information about the product / service that the customer accessed through an e-mail marketing, sponsored link, etc.), among others.

2. Invest in an efficient landing page

As we highlighted earlier, it is essential that the page created is didactic, segmented and objective. In this case, unlike the institutional website of a company, which aims to bring in a more comprehensive way who is a brand and what it offers, the landing page is strategically directed to a specific purpose, but which has the fundamental intention of generating leads, which does not depend on the model adopted.

Therefore, always try to deliver to the user what has been announced or used as a decoy, taking the opportunity to maintain a legitimate channel of contact, whether by email, a telephone or the sending of a form.

3. Working with lead scoring

Among the main benefits of creating campaigns using a landing page is landing scoring, which allows you to qualify leads according to their interactions on the landing page, making it possible to create more punctual and assertive strategies according to these classifications. In other words, from this score it is possible for the user to be included in similar groups that will receive treatments according to their position in the sales funnel, which facilitates the team's work throughout the purchase journey, including reducing the cost of acquisition new customers, as well as increasing the conversion rate.

4. Use the landing page to improve your online presence

A well-produced and strategic landing page uses different optimization techniques to improve the positioning of the company's website in organic search - SEO, which gives more visibility and, therefore, more opportunities for the business. This is the case of those who have Changelogfy as a partner, which in addition to helping companies worldwide to drive business growth in the SaaS universe, allows the brand to have a Custom Domain, generating content that will boost the presence of its products and / or services in the digital environment, strengthening your business through content indexed in Google's organic search system, in addition to being a strategic factor in the performance of campaigns on Ads.

About Changelogfy

Changelogfy is a complete system that promotes a better user experience with your SaaS product and / or service, as the tool helps to keep communication always active, in a simple and effective way. The tool allows you to keep your user up to date on the work of your team, strengthening the relationship and, thus, always leaving them close by, an important factor in retaining consumers. In addition, with each version update and product notes, it is possible to obtain reports of reactions and feedbacks, an effective information so that your team has data capable of creating a behavioral map from the customers that most interact to the inactive ones, reducing the turnover of cancellations.

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