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Engage users sharing your last product updates announcements, bug fixes, new features and so much more with a powerful tool.

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Changelog Tool

Keep users updated about the constant product improvement using a changelog tool!

Dedicated Newsfeed

Improve communication using a dedicated newsfeed, showing to your users everything are new in your product.

Create and share feature releases, bug fixes, improvements for your users to keep updated about the latest product changes.

Changelog Newsfeed
Changelog In-App Notification Widget

Changelog Tool In-App Notification Widget

Show your latest product announcements with our In-App Widget. You can embed it on the product. Facilitating for users to access news, updated them even within your product.

Quick and easy installation. Allow your users to have a nicer overview of all the updates.

Email, Slack & Discord Notifications

Engage users with your latest product updates, even outside of your product or service, you can send email notifications directly into discord and slack channel.

Reach the target users by segmenting the audience and improving the value of communication.

Changelog Notifications

More than just a changelog tool, boost your announcements!

Share updates with a segmented audience.

Add custom user segments by any attributes like plan, language, timezone, location, past events, role etc.

Send dedicated notifications, become relevant to users and get better results.

Changelog Segmentation Audience
Changelog multiple languages

Publish in multiple languages

Publish your updates in multiple languages so customers can read the news in your native language too!

Making sure you are speaking to users in your language increases feature adoption.

Collect user feedback on your latest announcements.

See what users think about your last procut updates allowing them to send feedback comments and emoji reactions to discover how they feel.

Users want to have your voice heard, so let them tell you through give feedback about every update.

Analyze the results and respond to feedback.

Collect User Feedback from Changelog

Explore the user feedback loop

Turn user feedback into constant
improvement for your product!

The best software companies are data-driven, and listening to user feedback is an important part of the process. Join awesome teams that use customer feedback to build incredible products.