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Collect Product Feedback

Give your users a voice! Allow your customers to send feature requests, improvements and discover what you will do at the next step

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Collect Product Feedback

Complete tool for collecting product feedback

Dedicated voting feedback board

Learn what your users want with a dedicated feedback board. Collect customer feedback, bug reports and feature requests publicly or privately. The most popular ideas stay on top over time
  • Check Users can upvote to rank the most popular ideas
  • Check Put important product updates on top of the posts
  • Check Engage everyone in a single request and start a discussion
  • Check Close the product feedback loop when needed
Dedicated voting feedback board
Integration for collect feedback

Integrations for greater feedback collection

Use our integrations like: Zapier, Slack, Intercom and so much more. Send feedback to your teams and capture user feedback on other sites and applications
  • Check Increase user feedback, reach customers from other softwares
  • Check Sync all information in one place, to get better results

Explore the user feedback loop

Turn user feedback into constant
improvement for your product!

The best software companies are data-driven, and listening to user feedback is an important part of the process. Join awesome teams that use customer feedback to build incredible products.