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Rank and score projects and feature requests to take better product decisions and keep stakeholders engaged

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Product Software Roadmap

Complete tool for collecting product feedback

Prioritize projects and resources

Organize your projects and new features in a roadmap and analyzed to find out the most impactful things. See which features are most requested, prioritizing what makes users engage and discard wrong ideias
  • Check Organize user feedback on a priority list with a customized roadmap
  • Check Share ideas and validate if your customers want this feature or not
  • Check Make better decisions based on user feedback
Prioritize projects and resources
Product roadmap progress

Keep your users updated about product progress

Don't make collecting feedback an issue. Communicate your product decisions with public or private roadmaps to keep users updated
  • Check Keep users updated about product progress
  • Check Keep your team integrated about project status
  • Check Retain your customers with an ever-increasing product value

Integrate with project management platforms

Increase the power of your collected feedback with project management softwares. Sync all information in one place, to get better results and more efficient product decision-making
  • Check Connect your Changelogfy account to other management apps like Zappier
  • Check Collect feedback from multiple channels
  • Check Keep all product backlog in one centralized place, cross user feedback of different softwares
Product Roadmap Integration

Explore the user feedback loop

Turn user feedback into constant
improvement for your product!

The best software companies are data-driven, and listening to user feedback is an important part of the process. Join awesome teams that use customer feedback to build incredible products.