Best Practices to Build a Successful product roadmap online

Build a product roadmap online can improve more efficiency to your company. Here you will see some of the best pratices to build a successful product roadmap online!

Best Practices to Build a Successful product roadmap online

Product roadmap needs to be more than a simple laundry list of any and all features, it is a powerful and efficient tool to know which way to go. So now, we bring to you a few best practices to build a successful product roadmap online, integrating users, customers, teammates and all stakeholders in the planning process.

Keep stakeholders and customers on planning process

Building a product roadmap isn't just to announce what’s coming, it is to improve involvement of all stakeholders in the process, so their feedback matters. Let them get access to increment your roadmap, in this way, the chances of making the wrong decisions decreases.

Remember always that in a company, users and customers love to participate in some decisions in some way, give them this opportunity.  That will let users and teammates be excited to see the plans working.

Don't ignore user feedback!

Keep your roadmap updated

The product changes and new features must be put in your roadmap, keeping your users updated about everything. Announcing what’s to come or what has just been changed builds trust in both parts.

In addition, improving community engagement, increasing user retention and getting better communication.

Users often use services and products they know about all product changes. Having an up-to-date online roadmap open to your customers is one of the best ways to make this tool an important link.

Keep consistent

Keep your product roadmap planning always working is important too, don’t let the roadmap stop. The format has to be consistent too, put a lot of things and leave information descenessary can destroy the organization and transparency.

An impactful product roadmap is not necessary as to be an agile product roadmap, sometimes the construction takes time.  Make your roadmap planning a continuous development.

What are the advantages of having and keeping your changelog always up to date?

Always remember that product roadmapping is a link that connects users and company in a single and continuous development work, through conversations about the product’s future.

Customers will lose trust in you if you don't show consistency at work to always improve. You don't want it.

Use the right roadmap tools

Some options of roadmap software are available on the web, here we provide a powerful roadmap tool in Changelogfy. Our tool gives you a lot of features that really make the difference and transform the way to build an impactful roadmap.

Changlogfy enables you to organize the ideas in threads to know-how new features and changes will be accepted by the customers. The creation of ideas and new features requests are not reserved only to teammates, can users too. Users can interact between themselves and make new threads, through comments, votes, and ranking in your product roadmap for the best and more efficient product changes. Increasing engagement.

Product Update - New Changelogfy 3.0

Using our tool, the more accepted ideas will rank up to the top easily and everything else that does not make a difference to users will be forgotten down. Making your product roadmap clean.

Make your product roadmap friendly

So that users feel free to participate in the roadmap construction, this tool needs to be friendly, the interface can’t be slow, polluted and hard to use.

Organize ideas and features requests so that each user knows where to search and interact, communication has to be easy, objective and clear to allow all users to participate without any further difficulties.

Make product roadmap friendly, provide users to know what are said, involved and make them proud of the work they're doing.

Have a place for feedback

A product roadmap is incredible, but if you don’t have a feedback board or feedback portal, your roadmap can turn into a support portal.  Make sure you have a dedicated place for users to give them feedback in a separate locale.

Bug reports and individual demands require special attention and support, preventing your roadmap from becoming disorganized and turning a complaints center. Make it clear where to go when you need help or report a problem.

Know your audience

Building a roadmap needs an objective in mind, can be to communicate a product's strategy or just to help plan and prioritize the product's development. In both cases, knowing your audience is important so you don't put ideas for new features that won't have any acceptance by your users.

As well as organizing so that users themselves do not fill the roadmap with useless requests that even they are not interested in using. Guide which paths your product roadmap online can take, without limiting user feedback and at the same time making it efficient.