Coronavirus: how to keep your body and mind healthy

Coronavirus: how to keep your body and mind healthy

Closed companies, schools and academies. Circulation prohibited in parks, beaches and shopping malls. Trips canceled. Even the recordings of global soap operas were suspended. It cannot be denied that the routine is missing for the first time. But, how about re-organizing life and acquiring new habits? With a special care of body and mind it is possible to go through this quarantine in a much more peaceful way and enjoy this moment at home, with the family. Or, if you live alone, with you!

Let's give some tips to keep everything under control!

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Food awareness

It is not because it feels like a vacation or a long holiday, especially for those who are not at home office, that they will go out eating everything they find ahead. Quite the opposite. One of the requirements to reduce the spread of Covid-19 is to reduce circulation, limiting itself to a few trips to the market and pharmacy. Soon, the body tends to become more sedentary and lazy. And truth be told, being disciplined to the point of maintaining a daily exercise routine at home is for a few. If you're working remotely, it's almost impossible!

Aim to prepare fresh foods that help to strengthen the immune system. It is worth doing an online consultation with a nutritionist so that you can include a rich diet with a high content of vitamins, proteins and minerals. In addition, having time to have breakfast, have lunch, have an afternoon snack and dinner is essential to maintain the balance of the body and, of course, the mind. When sleeping, choose a book with a cup of tea.

Physical activity

There is no point in imposing a series of exercises to compensate for 'this stop' in this quarantine period. Create a routine that allows your body and mind to get used to it little by little. You can gradually increase the time and strength of physical activities. If you push the bar, you will certainly give up on the third day.

If you live in a house with a yard, small efforts already make all the difference, such as taking walks - even circular ones -, taking care of the garden, playing with the dog. If you are in an apartment, safely and with security items, go up and down the stairs one to three times a day, clean the cabinets, tidy up and unpack the wardrobe. For those who need to work, insert work and stretching exercises in the morning and at the end of the day.

Work the mind

This does not mean that you need to be 24 hours with a million thoughts and producing, quite the contrary. Maintaining a healthy mind is balancing the moments it needs to create, develop and interact with the moments of rest and rest, where the order is to silence. For anxiety sufferers, try one of these guided meditation or relaxation apps. For people who were definitely not born to meditate body exhaustion, it is also an option to produce neurotransmitters related to the feeling of well-being and that help to reduce stress and anxiety, such as serotonin and endorphin.

Take the time to relax

Do you know that book (or books) that you never managed to finish? Or the immense list of backward series and films? Maybe it's time to catch up on some hobbies! Make an old recipe that, due to lack of time, never cooked again. What did you always do and in the turmoil of things you don't do anymore? Enjoy your home, see old photo albums. You will realize how much time you are away and now you can even put into practice small pleasures that you haven't done in a long time!

Home office?

One of the things that this quarantine did was to change the professional routine of many people, who now need to adapt and organize their commitments while at home. We have already brought here ‘tips to keep productivity and communication up to date working from home’, but it is worth stressing that it is necessary to take some steps to adapt quickly to this moment.

Among the tips are: separate an exclusive place of work - preferably with a table and chair -; arrange your office hours with the family; maintain a work schedule; and up-to-date communication with the company, such as, for example, using applications that allow this daily contact, such as Changelogfy. The app allows the team to be always on the same page and makes it possible to organize the information by subject and interests, where they are automatically notified whenever a task is completed or updated.

News and social networks: in moderation

It is very important to stay informed of what is happening, but staying connected 24 hours to the news that is reporting only the coronavirus can be harmful to your mental health. Pay attention to the facts and keep up to date, but turn off the television and talk to your family or read a book. Staying connected 24 hours on social networks will also not help in developing your emotional and intellectual capacity.

Again, reinvent yourself and look for other ways to get through this pandemic in a healthy way and, even better, what was before the quarantine started.

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