Every year, the technological sector has new solutions to leverage the presence of companies and products with its users, and this has generated an increasingly competitive market, in which players go to great lengths to win new customers. In this race to increase its lead base, a metric ends up in the background, however, it plays a fundamental role in the company's growth: the retention of current customers. Identifying, measuring your satisfaction and engagement and investing in actions to build customer loyalty is essential for the sustainable growth of a business.

It is necessary to direct efforts to better understand its niche, technological advances and the target audience. An effective way when it comes to acquiring, chatting and retaining new and current leads, building from there a long and solid relationship. As we have already talked about here, about the importance of looking for alternatives to stand out from the competition, the SaaS market is even more active - see how to differentiate your SaaS products.

But, what motivated a customer to continue doing business with you?

Participatory relationship

A relationship where everyone has an active voice. This point is essential in the first step to maintain your users. You can even charm them and bring them into your company, but the reasons why they decided to do business with your company can change. The order is to get to know them and learn how to continue offering facilities that add value to your day to day. To do this, adapt to your needs, create an interactive and permanent communication channel, where they can be updated and give their opinion on the processes of your products, and thus feel prestigious and important.

Increase engagement with your user

A smart solution to maintain engagement with users is to use the changelog, such as Changelogfy, a platform that allows you to easily and quickly share the latest news and versions of your product with users, improving the experience and, consequently, the continued growth of engagement.

In this software and product release notes tool, it is possible to create a personalized news feed and track user reactions, which makes it possible to analyze and segment the content. Changelogfy is an ally in retaining its users, so that they receive assertively the latest news and updates of your product.

Invest in your target audience

Shooting for everything that is corner is definitely not the best strategy in the important task of maintaining a solid business. Exceed your customers' expectations and create a retention and loyalty relationship plan. At Changelogfy it is possible to obtain reports of reactions and feedbacks, an effective tool for your team to have data capable of creating a behavioral map from the customers who most interact with the inactive, being able to design an action plan to engage them differently.

For those with a low involvement rate, you can create actions with special advantages, for example. Those who can be said to be ‘brand ambassadors’ can offer attractive leads for new leads.

Anyway, the important thing is to understand that customer retention deserves special care for those who want to achieve success.

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